Mailbag – 2009-07-07

Reader Erica sends in a quick blast from the past, which is all too familiar:

The larger version of the comic is on the Comics with Problems Website. The site notes that the images are taken from “Early NAACP Comic Book History – Your Future Rests In Your Hands and The Street Where You Live (1960 and 1964).”


I was shocked when my younger sister told me that Jimmy from Degrassi was now trying to make it as a rap star. Then I found out he was responsible for that freaking “Best I Ever Had” song that my little brother will not.fucking.stop.singing.

M. Dot, however, noticed an interesting racial dynamic with Drake’s video.

Check for the 3:55 mark. M.Dot notes:

“I like a long haired thick red bone.”
~Lil Wayne

No nappy headed ho’s allowed.

I have been having a conversation with Moya and Nuala about
BET, Drake, and Lil Wayne.

The conversation has been interesting in that I have been
pushing hard against being reactionary. Its challenging, because when
you react you feel empowered.

But, we, the masses, always have the power, whether or not we use
it is another question. We outnumber the executives and the politicians.


Black Women
It is important to note that there are Black women who
are only angry because Drake’s video features light skinned
Latina’s and White women. From the Sandra Rose website,

    “Sandra as a woman I am offended that this is all Kanye West, the director, could come up with for one of the hottest songs of the summer. He should be ashamed of this depiction of females. This video in a nutshell basically says a woman’s beauty is defined by how big her boobs are and light her skin is. And Kanye being a black man raised by black parents and Drake being bi-raicial (half black and half white) why are they only showcasing ALL Hispanic girls in this video? I don’t get it, they couldn’t get ONE pretty chocolate sister up in the video like Lanisha Cole, Jessica White, or Natasha Ellie to be in the video alongside the Hispanic girls?…”

I read this, thought about it, read it again then realized that,
getting more Black women to care about rap videos, simply takes
only featuring Latina’s and White women. Hmmmp.

Watching the vid myself, there appears to be one black girl in Drake’s line up. But more interesting was the depiction of the competition team – the one that dominates over the pretty-in-pink posers. I wonder if Kanye was drawing inspiration from Don Imus on that one.


An anonymous commenter also tipped us to the BET live performance following Drake’s live rendition of his song. Lil Wayne got on stage to do “Every Girl,” which is a song with the chorus “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world.

On stage, he changes the word “fuck” to “love, ” which I think is a gross misrepresentation of the song. Stop prettying shit up for the censors, we know the deal. Part of the way through , Lil Wayne has some special guests join him:

Gina from What About Our Daughters? pens a response post called “Spare Me Your “Outrage” About BET’s Kiddie Pole-Dancification of Their “Awards” Show:”

According to upset parents, the youngsters gyrated onstage as Wayne rapped his tune “I Want To F*ck Every Girl in the World” — or whatever the name of the track is.

    As most of you know, the group’s lead singer is Zonnique, 12, daughter of Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. The other three members are Reginae Carter, 9, Wayne’s daughter with Antonia Carter who stars on Tiny & Toya (which premieres on BET tonight at 10pm); Bahjah Rodriguez, who turns 12 in August, and her sister Lourdes Rodriguez, who turns 11 in September. Sandra Rose

Now according to Sandra, the teeny bopper booty shaking was impromptu, but that doesn’t explain why the curtains didn’t crash or why Debra Lee OR THE GIRL’S PARENTS didn’t storm the stage and grab somebody by the scruff of their ponytails. I know MY parental unit would only have had to rise from their seats and I would have been headed off stage of my own volition.

Gina also explains BET’s response to the controversy:

Sorry, but that little tidbit right there sounds like some rear end covering in retrospect. Especially now that BET is airbrushing out the little girls on the BET Awards replay ( yes I said those ig’nant fools at the network, instead of cutting out the performance completely blurred out the girls in the rebroadcast frame by frame as if they are some marijuana leaves on a baseball cap on MTV circa 1999)


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