links for 2009-06-24

  • "This is an enormous step forward, because the hiring of writers Angela Robinson and Felicia D. Henderson by DC and the hiring of writer Marjorie Liu by Marvel show, finally and publicly, in 2009, that women of color have equal access to be considered for writing jobs at the two largest companies in the comic book industry. Women of color in America are finally being allowed to shape humanity's modern myths—the stories and characters that have been handed to us and that we will hand down to future generations."
  • "Even if the Obamas do choose West Chop, they’ll surely spend considerable time in Oak Bluffs, a town known for attracting most of the upper-class black professionals who stay on the island. As liberal as it is, the Vineyard is about as racially integrated as a college dining hall—blacks and whites get along fine, but they generally don’t socialize."
  • "I think one of the saddest corners of many feminisms is ignoring men and fathers. It's as if the concept of centralizing womyn, valuing womyn, and studying the global trends affecting womyn has isolated men from the concerns of feminists. And while, yes, women constitute the majority of the world, the close second half of the population needs to be equally considered as we fight for justice, advocate for freedom. What freedom looks like for women will not be the same for men, but that difference doesn't automatically cause friction, or even conflict."