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  • "Being a journalist means reporting the facts and making sure the story makes it out to the people. But along with that duty comes obstacles. That’s what Josh Wolf, Staff Writer for the Daily Post and independent reporter faced. Wolf has been following the story of Current’s reporters very closely, and not just because it’s making headlines: Wolf served prison time for sticking to his principles as a reporter."
  • "As a mixed-race Filipina, I have often felt like I was being implicitly judged by Filipin@s & found wanting: I don’t speak Tagalog (much)? I don’t go to church? I don’t… eat adobo??? To me, veganism is just one other thing to add to the list of things that make me feel awkward at times. It’s not enough to make me forsake the way I eat, of course, but I can sense the pressure, & can imagine how it could be even more intense for people who are more culturally connected than I."
  • "Over 100 kids who would otherwise have been denied, admitted because of thier family income. And over 100 kids who played by all the rules, got admitted to their “reach” school, and were then were sent away.

    So, if you’re mentoring kids who will be high school seniors next year, what do you tell them? To reach and dream big or to be “realistic”?"

  • "Vietnam Brides International has teamed up with Diners Club to offer a payment plan for the women they sell, the first such partnership that I know of. It's basically a layaway plan for human beings, except you get the "product" before you even make the first payment. And when I thought it was not possible for these two companies to objectify and dehumanize these women any more, I read what the Assistant General Manager of Diners Club Singapore had to say about situations where the buyer defaults on his bride payments."

    Note: The article has been updated, with a statement from Diner's Club saying they are ending their relationship with Vietnam Brides International. – LDP

  • "Racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are alive and well in America. That we know. That is what is so painful. But, let us not let the pain cloud our judgment. We must work to let Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns’ legacy be a renewed commitment to fight the abhorrent racism that continues to plague our country. Let us stop pointing fingers at others, and begin to truly examine ourselves and strive to a place of love and respect, rather than hate and tragedy.

    Let us cleanse the hatred from within."

  • "Skokie police drew their guns and surrounded a Bank of America Monday morning because two "suspicious" men wanted to open an account.

    Detained Men Say It Was Racial Profiling
    Watch Video

    The two men describe what happened and tell NBC Chicago they were unfairly singled out by bank employees and police because of how they look.


    The men who were targeted by police called it “racial profiling” and a police over-reaction."

  • "The revelation came in the first five minutes of J.J. Abrams' reboot of Star Trek: Faran Tahir should play Captain Nemo in the upcoming prequel by Disney. He fulfills all the criteria of the character, and between playing a villain in Iron Man , a hero in Star Trek, and displaying dramatic scope in Charlie Wilson's War, he has the proper balance of unknown and recognizable features the part would require. Further, to play Nemo, one must be able to play the heroic Prince Dakkar who becomes the villainous Nemo before transforming into the repentant and humanitarian Mystery of the Island. Most importantly to this Steampunk Scholar, he has a Pakistani heritage."
  • "Crazies. Lone nut jobs. Isolated loonies. Those are frequent descriptions of people like James von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist accused of opening fire at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and killing a black guard.

    Others believe he represents something more dangerous: a growing racist movement motivated by a number of converging factors, including the first African American president. "

  • "Somehow, my nationality has become a dirty word. If you say "Mexican" in America, you are not referring to the citizens of a specific country, you are using a blanket derogatory term for "people who came out of nowhere and took our jobs".

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