Comments That My Eyes Cross

by Latoya Peterson

Moderating comments is an interesting mixed bag of insight, rage, and strange ideas, sprinkled liberally throughout with WTF moments. And of course, there are people who think a multiracial site makes an awesome recruiting ground for their talk show/reality show/dating needs. While I generally let all these things slide right into deleted comment purgatory, one recent comment made me do a double take (emphasis mine):

Lee Anderson | |

We are producers working for an Emmy Award-winning production company is producing a pilot for a prime-time reality show on a well-known, respected cable network. We are seeking willing men and women who have kept a secret close to their heart and now would like to reveal the truth to someone who will be significantly impacted by your revelation.

The act of sharing your secret could help both you and others and it may allow you to find peace and closure. You and the person you are telling, will be supported through the process and will not feel alone in dealing with your revelation.

We are experienced in honoring sensitive and intimate stories. We are not interested in any revelation that would exploit or others.

Here are some examples of the types of stories that we are seeking:

. Do you have a secret crush on someone that you work with or have known for a long time? Are you ready to tell them?

. Are you a person of color who has passed as white and are ready to embrace your ethnic heritage?

We would love to talk to you if you are ready to tell your story. If you contact us we will tell you what broadcaster is involved.

Contact us at or

Please know that your response does not necessarily guarantee that your story will be chosen, nor does it obligate us in any way to use it once you have told it to us in confidence, because we may hear like or similar stories. If the secret you choose to reveal at this casting call involves a crime or is of a criminal nature, we, of course cannot offer you protection.

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How is racial passing on par with a crush? Can you imagine that scenario?

“James, I’ve loved you ever since I saw you 36 years ago on the school bus and we had the same tooth missing in our second grade school picture.”

“Hanan, for the last three years, I’ve been sneaking into your cubicle and sniffing your chair so I can inhale your scent after hours.”

“Yeah, honey, about that uh,monochromatic country club we were about to apply to…I think there’s something you may need to know in case they do a DNA test…”


Oh yeah, and nothing says peace and closure like dropping a bomb on someone for a TV show.