Links – 2009-04-13

Compiled by Latoya Peterson and Fatemeh Fakhraie

Sepia Mutiny responds to Raakhee Mirchandani’s article in the New York Post about dating inside the race.

The Los Angeles Times reports on how Middle Eastern students at UCLA want alternatives to “white” or “other” when filling out demography boxes on applications. KABOBfest weighs in.

Renee Martin writes about Madonna and Malawi for GlobalComment.

Sonny Caberwal is the world’s first Sikh supermodel, making his debut in GQ‘s Spring-Summer style issue. Hawt.

“Arab in America”, a short documentary about being…uh…Arab in America…won the Link TV contest’s grand prize.

LAT also discusses Middle Eastern rappers.

Black Enterprise takes on the NEWBOs – and tells CNBC where to shove it.

This is why we hate x is the new y comparisons. Here’s one: Is Fatism the New Racism? Meanwhile, played out ass racism is still in effect. Can there be a new x if the y is still a major issue?

Amalgamated at Vegans of Color asks “What experiences of rejection (as a person of color/against people of color) have you experiences/witnessed in (mainstream white) vegan communities?

The Supreme Court has released an opinion in regards to “the United States v. Navajo Nation (07-1410), on Indian coal lease amendments. The decision below, which held for the Indian tribe, is reversed and remanded in a unanimous opinion by Justice Scalia, available here. Justice Souter filed a concurring opinion joined by Justice Stevens.”

There is an interesting (and somewhat heated) conversation going on at What About Our Daughters on “divestment” and “ark building.” This is based on some posts over at Black Women Blow the Trumpet. Seattle Slim has a dissenting opinion.

Off-Topic, but worth a look

Piny over at Feministe provides an interesting piece on the fetishization of trans people. Good links are in the comments.

Marge Twain blogs about that horrific Tough Love scene I mentioned where the host said a woman behaving in a sexually forward manner will “end up raped” and the lack of fallout both on the show and in the online community.

Hilzoy over at Obsidian Wings provides an answer to the oft-posed question when conversations surrounding DV begin: Why Do They Stay?