Fetish Goes High Tech: The “Cute Asian Girls” IPhone App

by Latoya Peterson

I met Dennetmint at SXSW after our panel, and we had a quick conversation about race, design, and development. She recently sent me this tip via twitter, which caused severe eye-rolling.

Yes, peeps, this is the official Cute Asian Girls Iphone App.

The publisher’s description notes:

Cute Asian Girls. Need I say more?

Cute Asian Girls gives you HUNDREDs of photos of the most beautiful asian girls you have ever seen. Whether you’re looking for asian girls with weapons, or girls in maid uniforms, or even just the casual girl in a summer dress, we have them all! Our photo collection is growing by the day and will continue growing by the truckload. Every day will introduce new photos for your viewing pleasure.

Download as many asian girl photos as your heart desires for free after you buy the app. Use them as your wallpaper, send them to friends, or set them as your contact’s photos.

Download it here!
or if you have any concerns or questions, contact us at support@stuckpixelinc.com

Oh, I have a bunch of concerns – starting with WTF is up with the tags?

asian beautiful Cute FingerFrenzy girls iphone ipod touch otaku sweet

(Okay, so FingerFrenzy apparently refers to one of the other games by the publisher, but in this context? Eww.)