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We’re back!

After our brief hiatus, your Friendly Neighborhood Snark Merchants are back, with two new additions: everybody, please, welcome Diana and Andrea to the team, as they join Erica and Mahsino in going over “Cold Snap,” a surprisingly eventful (not to mention decent) episode. So let’s get to it!

Going by the recap thread, everybody’s happy to see Micah again. Your take on his return, and what do you think the future holds for him?

Micah 2Diana: I was really glad to see him and, like most folks, was not surprised he was Rebel. It kind of pulled at my heart strings to see Micah had “growed” up some, including his voice change. His character brings a much needed vitality to the show. The adult Heroes are so wrapped up in their angsty grown up B.S. (and Claire with her teeny bopper melodrama) that the idealism of being a superhero is lost (except for Hiro, of course). As the story progresses, I’d like to see Micah and Baby Touch and Go paired together. Imagine the leverage they would have with their two super powers coupled with the idealism of youth. It would be the perfect counterpoint to the eeeeeevil of Danko and the madness of Sylar.

Upside 1: His voice changed off camera, which is good, because I totally would have been the one to make fun of his voice cracking.

Upside 2: It was nice to have someone who not only sounded like he knew what he was talking about, but seemed to have a plan that didn’t seem like it was freshly pulled out their ass.

Downside: I can’t overlook the fact that he claimed the empty void of person of color who sacrifices themselves for a blond that nobody really cares that much about. If Micah can stand as the voice of reason for the rest of the rebellion, cool- but I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s going to make an ultimate sacrifice at the end of the season.

Erica: One thing that I have consistently liked about Micah was his clarity of ethics. He’s hardly pure good — one of our first glimpses of “what Micah can do” was him convincing an ATM to spit out a few hundred bucks. Then he stole pay-per-view for his cousin. And in this episode he stages a gas leak in Union Station, a false alarm which is doubtless a huge inconvenience and expense for bus companies, law enforcement, and the fire department. But he’s just so UNSELFISH about it, you can’t help but be on his side. He cares about helping other people, and has always been convinced that special powers meant you should help people; his shock at a “hero” turning out to be a double-crossing bitch was really genuine.

Andrea: Micah…meh. Perhaps because a) the Racialicious folks called it (Spoilers, all of you!:D), b) as other watchers pointed out, Heroes’ new pattern is to offer one semi-precious stone episode in a pile of crappy ones to keep fans halfway excited, and c) the show has so deeply gone downhill as far as characters of color are concerned that I have no expectations as far as his getting major play on the show. So yeah, I can see Micah being Rebel and then getting offed…and not reincarnated like his momma/aunt/protector Nikki/Barbara/Tracy. I’m not going to get hepped up yet.

Any episode now, I’m waiting for the reveal–complete with muddled exposition– of Micah actually being the unknown child of Nikki/Barbara/Tracy and President Worf … er, Dorn … uh–what the hell is his name?

I don’t know what’s more implausible: that Hiro needed another life lesson this week, or that he was able to haul Ando for 12 miles in a wheelbarrow and not look like he was even sweating. How do you feel about his latest mission?

ando4Andrea: Intellectually I understand that Hiro is supposed to become a bad-ass is supposed to go through certain tasks to get to that role, but his journey–rather the way the writers are writing particular subplot, is undignified, un-fun, and just damn bo-ring. Watching mythologist Joseph Campbell sit and explain The Hero’s Journey to Bill Moyers is far more interesting than watching Hiro actually taking the adventure. But let me be (somewhat) generous: I suppose part of Hiro’s particular path is to not sweat. I mean, if he is indeed suppose to become that fly-ass man I saw in Season 1, then not sweating is a must.

I’m glad Ando is around as a grown-man counterweight to Hiro’s juvenile buffoonery. Now, if Ando would have hauled Hiro and Baby Parkman for 12 miles and glistening sweat…and shirtless…

Mahsino: Oooh two Asian guys try and take care of a white baby and wackiness ensues. Yawn. Substitute baby for almost any other noun and that describes almost every other Ando/Hiro storyline. Were we really supposed to believe that Ando watches Dr.Phil? When would this be? For the past couple of years he hasn’t had the time to watch tv, unless of course he was watching Dr. Phil as part of his multiple in-flight movies/television shows.

This was one of those storylines where reading the subtitles was pertinent. I kept on hearing baby Jesus (I have really weird hearing) while I was in the next room when Hiro was calling Jr. Baby Genesis and I just about lost it before I hit rewind. I knew it couldn’t have been Jesus- it’s not like the kid was a Petrelli (unless Peter, in one of his time-raveling adventures, shape shifted, and slept with Matt’s wife in some sort of Terminator like mission to save the future from an unspeakable evil- in which case I’m gonna preemptively say I called it!).

Erica: I was just relieved that they finally gave powers (albeit nerfed) back to Hiro — now it feels like he has a good reason to be on the show again. The pleasant surprise of that made me forget the awkward “Dr Phil” conversation. (If Ando says “cold daddy” one more time…)

On a related note, it’s funny that I find Micah’s careless thefts to be noble, whereas when Hiro steals a bottle to feed Baby Matt I get mad at him. I really don’t know what the difference is, except perhaps that Hiro is older and REALLY ought to know better (or at the very least, he can afford to buy some formula), yet he acts much more childish.

Diana: I actually liked the bromantic moment between Hiro and Ando concerning Hiro’s mom; however, I could have done without Ando’s references to Dr. Phil. I hope the writers will use Hiro’s new mission of saving the baby to make him more mature and man-up into his future badass self. I agree it was kind of ridiculous that Hiro carted Ando for 12 miles. I was also grossed out and mad when Hiro took that bottle from the other baby’s mouth. He should have taken an extra bottle from the diaper bag. [I may be knit-picking, but I think a woman would have done what I suggested.] Kids should share as few germs as possible, even on a t.v. show.

Reader Participation Feature: Caption the pic at the top of the thread!

Erica: Who-Dey think gonna beat them Heroes! (Actually, scratch that, nobody will understand unless they grew up in Cincinnati.)
Mahsino:As a University of Cincinnati student, I understand all too well the Who-Dey reference. Oh the horrible dorm-days memories (hearing Who-Dey being screamed during a 2am fire drill for example).

Erica: MATT: If I concentrate hard enough, everyone looking will think I look awesome. MOHINDER: Maya will TOTALLY take me back now, check me out!
HIRO: Yatta!*
* I honestly can’t think of anything for Hiro to be saying — him in a football uniform is JUST SO WEIRD…

Andrea: Memo to Costume Dept.: Putting capes on the uniforms=/=superhero gear.
Diana: Confirmation that PhotoShop is not a super power.
Mahsino: Greg and Sendhil’s “sexyfaces” are creeping me out. And Masi Oka seems to have a Zach Braff disappearing jaw going on. This whole thing is just sad. Sad and wrong. And it’ll probably haunt my dreams so thanks Arturo, thanks a lot.

Crystal Ball time: predict what will happen to Claire as she attempts to “blend in” in Mexico.

Mahsino: I’m going to guess this is where brunette Claire-bear comes into play. They’re probably just going to darken her hair and give her a fake tan to make us believe that she could pass for a stereotypical Mexican woman (because Heroes totes knows that there could never
ever be a blond Latina- that would just be crazytalk). And let’s not forget the inevitable butchering of the Spanish language. And I’m sorry, but if Danko and co. went to Japan to get Hiro, what makes Claire think they won’t just cross the border to get her?

Good news, though: with all the “alleged” temper tantrums Hayden Panettiere’s been having both on the set and with the press, we may not have to deal with Claire or her shoddy wigs for much longer.

Diana: Honestly, I did not pay much attention to what Claire would be doing next week. I thought this week’s show was so much more pleasant without her. Maybe the writers can place her in a border town like Tijuana and let her become a poster child for a State Department travel alert.

Andrea: She’s going to go to Mexico and, in a moment stupidity–others may call it “humor”–she goes onto the balcony of her hotel room and sing, “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.” A crowd will gather and start booing, pointing, giving her side-eye, and laughing at her. Shouts from the crowd:
“You’re not in Argentina, fool!”
“All Latin American countries are the same to you, right?!?”
“When can we deport you?”

Erica: In a vaguely realistic world, she wouldn’t need to worry about her freedom if she’s in a sovereign country, but we’re in Heroes, so obviously the USA has complete jurisdiction in Mexico and Japan… and, since we’re in Heroes, I’m going to simply assume that they portray everyone in Mexico as blond and 17 to provide her with camouflage. Hey, maybe she will get to meet some poor people and realize her life wasn’t all that bad and learn a lesson! (Zzzzzz…)

Open Mic!
Diana: Kudos to all the melanin that turned up in this episode, despite the fact that they treated Mohinder like a sucker yet again. I also enjoyed Mama Petrelli who has swagger no matter what the circumstances. The special effects were pretty good too, especially Tracy icing herself and everyone else to save Micah.

Did anyone else in the 30 and over crew have 70’s and 80’s movie flashbacks triggered by this episode? All the Heroes lying in that room like semi-dead corpses reminded me of the Michael Crichton movie Coma in which comatose people were suspended by wires. Freak out! Then Hiro and Ando hiding in the baby’s closet with all those stuffed animals was classic E.T. That just made me smile.

eiffelMahsino: I actually was a little sad at Daphne’s death. I get that they need to make room for him to reconcile with his ex, but baby-mama drama could have been interesting. Plus, now that they addressed the implausibility of their relationship, they could have built on it. It seems that every time logic is applied to a character or relationship- it has to die. Unnecessary as her initial introduction was, at least she was sort of interesting and complex- which is more than I can say for Traci and Claire.

Angela had a pretty awesome little storyline. I can’t really decide if I feel that way because they associated a Reagan supporter with ass-holiness or because it was just really good writing/acting. One beef I had was with the fact that when Pete finally stepped up to save his mom, he stopped and posed for the swat team (during which they had ample time to shoot him) before flying off. All in all I liked this episode. On a scale of 1 (Watchmen) to 10 (No Heroics), I’d rate this episode an 8.

Erica: Angela Petrelli rocks. The only thing that could have made the scene better is if she had actually climbed through the ceiling of the elevator and made it out, smoothing her hair down and still wearing heels and looking like it’s the rest of the world that’s disheveled and covered with grease from cables, not her. Nothin’ better than poise under pressure. (Kill off her sons, and then I won’t mind having Heroes be The Petrelli Hour.)

I was downright shocked at how well Daphne’s death was done. I started off being all mad (why can Parkman suddenly fly, that’s ridiculous, etc.), and then bam it turned out to be a dream? I like a show that isn’t predictable, and Heroes is starting to turn around and hold my interest again.

Andrea: Hold on….my crystal ball (really, a Magic 8 Ball) says one more thing: “End this sh-tty show. Now.”

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