Links – 2009-03-20

Compiled by Fatemeh Fakhraie and Latoya Peterson

A high school in Pennsylvania banned students from wearing the keffiyeh after an escalation of tensions between Jewish and Muslim students. After a few days, the high school rescinded the ban.

Speaking of clothing issues, Urban Outfitters has done it again with new levels of offensive appropriation: the Allah bracelet. Uh-huh.

Ghostface Killa releases a track in support of Rihanna and victims of domestic violence.

ABC has given the green light for a sitcom pilot based on Firoozeh Dumas’ book Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America.

GetReligion discusses Tyler Perry’s black female demographic.

Danish students will be getting some diversity in their literature classes: a new textbook will focus on literature that comes to Denmark from its immigrants’ countries of origin, including Somalia, Croatia, Iraq, etc.

Ali Eteraz looks at the Pakistani diaspora and its issues.

The Boston Globe looks at the dangers of losing “ethnic media.”

The Root also discusses the changing face of newsrooms in their “Broadsheetless in Seattle” piece.

For Tahirih Brown, an editor at the Seattle P-I for more than five years, newspapers have reduced their opportunities for non-white journalists.

“When I started in journalism in the early ’90s, the big change was diversity—making the newsroom look more like the community they were covering,” she said Tuesday night, at the raucous P-I farewell at Buckley’s, the paper’s unofficial watering hole. “And I feel that in the past couple of years, that’s kind of gone by the wayside. There are some stories that just aren’t going to ever get told because of a lack of diversity in newsrooms in general.”

KABOBfest takes a look at Arabs in Hollywood: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The discovery of the remains of Cleopatra’s sister sheds new light on their ethnicities.