SXSW Meet Up

by Latoya Peterson

Okay y’all, I’m in Austin.

It’s been nasty and gray and evil. I am not in the best mood.

But I am sure that will change after I meet up with some of the peeps after the panel!

Reader Ricky has offered up some suggestions:

Rio Rita’s
Little City

or we might just make it easy and do a lunch meet up after the panel at a spot near the Convention Center.

Any preferences?

The date is either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon as those are the only times when all of us are available.

UPDATE: The meet up is Sunday after the panel. Will post here with more details.

UPDATE: Panel is starting. At 12:45, you can meet us in the lobby of the Downtown Hilton for the meet up. If you’re at home, you can follow Racialicious on twitter (name: Racialicious), you can look to the widget on the left to follow our updates if you aren’t on Twitter, and our specific hashtag is #racesxsw.