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Apologies to all our readers for the late start; the recap of Monday’s episode should be up on the site soon. Meanwhile, let’s welcome back our fearless band of critics and kick off another round of critiques!

Mohinder just seemed to dismiss his last encounter with Peter quickly, didn’t he? But I do wonder what he’ll do now that he’s been captured by the very program he expressed support for. Also, touching on a comment from Madame Z. in last week’s recap thread: your thoughts on his working as a cab driver again, as opposed to being … well, a DOCTOR?

Erica: Mohinder probably isn’t really qualified to be a practicing medical doctor; few geneticists and biochemists are. Even in India, he was a professor. While he knows his way around a lab (and doubtless could find his way around the human body if necessary), I would be shocked to see him in a hospital setting. That being said, though, there are a LOT of job options between M.D. and cabbie… oh, wait, unless you’re Indian in New York City, HAHAHA. *sigh*

Mahsino: A part of me wants to be mad that Mohinder is a cab driver again, but the part of me that asked for more logic to be applied to the show is in agreement with his present state of employment. Let’s face it, Mohinder isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, and in this economy, I’m guessing he was taking what he could get. Besides, it’s not like he has a history of long-term employment anyway. I mean, look at his resume: professor, cab driver, top secret work for top secret company, touting his dad’s crazy ideas, top secret work for top secret government project- I personally wouldn’t be impressed. He did get over his beef with Peter a little too quickly. I mean, the dude left you in a vat o’ chemicals, you could at least give him the ol’ shifty eye.

Hexy: Working as a cab driver both works and doesn’t work. If his aim is to not draw new attention to himself, avoiding applying for science-type jobs is a good idea. Of course, if his aim is to not draw attention to himself from the existing networks of evil that know everything about him including his past as a New York cabbie… well, then he’s an idiot. Dear gorgeous, stupid Mohinder. Never change.

As for the bit where he’s been captured by the same program he expressed support for, it’s all very typical Mohinder, isn’t it?

Speaking of Peter, that exchange between himself and the EMT of Iranian descent just sounded *so* awkward — but how do you feel about the show acknowledging (or exploiting) the Gitmo parallels in “Fugitives”?

Mahsino: Unnecessary. That’s all I could think when I was watching that. It seemed like a remnant from the Law and Order cutting floor. It was so forced. Maybe if they had a history of acknowledging current events I might have been okay with it, but this seemed so wrong.

Hexy: It was so, so forced. I hope it was a one-off line.

Erica: Peter is supposed to be the empathetic, caring Hero who helps people feel good; he fell down on the job. Compare the “uh-huh, whatever, gotta go” response he gave there, to the compassion he showed to Simone as her father died, for example. He’s gone from Nice Guy Who Wants To Help to Dreamy, Ineffectual, Confused Wannabe — not an improvement.

Let’s talk about Hiro and Ando: As a comics fan, I thought Hiro’s acquiring all the gear and setting up the Hirocave made sense from the wish-fulfillment standpoint. Do you feel that this development further infantilizes him? And how swank did Ando look with the bike?

Hexy: I don’t think it infantilises him, I think it makes PERFECT sense for the uber nerd who has enormous financial clout due to owning a multinational corporation. In fact, I can very easily picture the scene in which Hiro was glumly musing on his new lack of the powers he’d always wanted, then suddenly lights up as he realises he can now be the Batman…. or at least Alfred.

Erica: High-tech crime fighting gear is a reasonable step; however, all the equipment is set up without giving thought to how this crime fighting might actually work. As Ando sensibly pointed out, a solo “super charger” is next to useless. The impulsive move by Hiro is fairly middle-ground immaturity for him (he’s been smarter, but he’s also been stupider).

Mahsino: I wouldn’t say that this whole twist infantalizes him, it made sense that a rich comic book fan would get a lair. I’m just surprised it took this long. The spandex exchange was awesome. The only thing that confused me at the beginning was the fact that I forgot Hiro didn’t have his powers anymore, I mean really, they could have made it so that once Arthur died, everyone got their powers back. Also, Ando was kind of an ungrateful bitch at the beginning of the episode. Dude, you just got an Ando-cycle and the first thing you do is go to a strip club!? Classy. Did you learn nothing from your 1st season adventures with Nikki?

Usutu. Um, what do we say at this point?

Erica: *sigh* I will give them a tiny minor fraction of credit for keeping a POC character on the show. However, that is overwhelmed by TEH STUPID.

Mahsino: Okay, the whole prophet thing makes no sense. I can’t even muster the energy to rally about him any further. They know they’re wrong, no need for me to belabor the point this week.

Hexy: I presume you mean apart from “please stop”? I hope we find out that part of Usutu’s power was the giving of visions, and that he had the capacity to imprint himself on an appropriate mind. THAT would make more sense than “African ee-sock sticks around after death, unlike regular ee-sock, for no adequately explainable reason.”

Open mic!

Mahsino: I’m pleasantly surprised they just let the plot play out instead of having Peter time travel to an apocalyptic future. Although this was one of the best episodes in a long time, I had a few
issues (in order of appearance).
1. Claire’s cheap makeup, she looked like she stepped straight out of a 1996 Seventeen Magazine photo shoot.
2. Was that Rufio from hook on the 1st NBC/TurboTax commercial?
3. Either Claire is the worst eavesdropper ever or Angela is the worst secret keeper ever – ever hear of another phone line, fuck even a cell phone would work.
4. Am I seriously supposed to believe Claire sneaked past trained guards, bsh plz

Hexy: I think we’ve been shown that Peter’s powers have actually changed. He now needs skin contact to take a power, for one thing, and i get the impression he can’t “stack” them like he used to be able to. If this is the case, I’m pleased. Most of my reasons for wanting Peter gone related to him being WAAY too powerful. I think they can potentially do some awesome with a storyline about him adjusting to being a “regular” hero, rather than the slightly dim god of heroes.

Erica: I doubt I was alone in yelling at Claire to taze her father when she discovered him in the cockpit. Seriously, you find him kidnapping “special people”, you’re already annoyed at him for many other things, AND YOU DON’T PUNCH HIM? (I’m just tired of the Benetrelli relationship angst baloney.)

I am annoyed by the premise that this special project of Nathan’s was deemed so serious that the USA violated numerous laws to kidnap Hiro from Japan. It’s such a stupid way of bringing him into the plot — couldn’t they have grabbed him while he was visiting New York on a business trip or something? They conveniently put EVERY SINGLE OTHER HERO in the city for ease of kidnapping. Anyone can be a hero… as long as they live in NYC.

I laughed at the idea of Claire getting her GRE and applying to Dartmouth, Princeton, etc. Privileged much, Angela? And it was framed as, “college is the thing you do at this age,” not, “college will teach you useful life lessons while you learn how to make money” — again, some glaring privilege. If that’s the best motivation put forward, I fully support Claire’s lack of academic aspirations. (Being a grad student makes me overly sensitive to undergrads who whine about how hard school is and how it interrupts their drinking and their parents won’t buy them a new car every semester … boo-freakin’-hoo!)

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