Shameless Promotion and Links – 2008-12-18

Shameless Promotion

This is a big month, readers.

First off, Nadra Kareem and I are in this month’s issue of Bitch Magazine (the Noir Issue #42).

Nadra wrote “Am I [Para]normal?” about the heroines in Lois Duncan’s novels and the relationship between teen coming of age stories and the supernatural. It’s an excellent piece, particularly in light of this conversation we had about Twilight and Harry Potter.

And my interview with Tricia Rose is there, titled “Turning the Tables.” Now that it’s finally out, I can start posting the overflow, so you’ll see some starting tomorrow. And once again, I would like to thank LM, fireeyedgirl, exhausted, cat m., PureGracefulTree, Jane, Jen*, Dolly, T.M.A., and everyone else who helped to spread the word and donate. Thank you so much for supporting indie media, and thank you all so much for indirectly supporting me, Nadra, Fatemeh, and other names you may know like Deesha Philyaw and Jessica Hoffman – we have to eat too!

Also hitting a bookstore near you is Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape. Now, some intrepid readers might remember all the drama swirling around this book from inception to printing. And I have to admit, I was less than pleased at the circumstances surrounding a project I committed to. But I got my contributor copy in the mail yesterday, and after reading the book, I have to say I am proud of this project. There are so many amazing women on these pages speaking the truth about our lives and our sexuality that I was just sitting there astounded. My essay is titled “The Not Rape Epidemic” and it was tough to write that down and put that out there on the page. But I am glad I did it. I am donating one of my copies to my local Planned Parenthood there – I may buy a few more for them to stick in the waiting room for the teens that are there for counseling.

There are DC, NY, and Boston promotional dates scheduled. I’ll post more on that in a few days. If you can, please consider buying the book. If you don’t have the money, please help by requesting that your local library or youth center purchase a copy. I worked in the library system for three years, and highly requested books do get purchased.

Also, as a side note, I should mention the version in YMY is not the original piece I submitted. Jacyln and I worked on a broader ranging piece for the book which weaves parts of my personal story in with some other events that happened and recommendations on how to help. We agreed that I would eventually post the full version of the original here. I think I will also post that over the weekend – however, the subject matter is extremely heavy. That’s why I’m posting it off hours.

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Action Items

Sadly, News and Notes has been canceled. However, Jeff Chang points out that News and Notes will continue to operate until March 20th, and Jasmyne Cannick has started to petition the head honchos at NPR to keep Farai and Co. on the air. (Side note: You do NOT have to donate to sign the petition. The screen is a little confusing.)

Also along those lines, I had a great time hanging with Jay Smooth and G-Man Saturday on their radio show “The Underground Railroad” hosted by WBAI 99.5. I had a great time but as soon as the show wrapped, all the hosts in the room started freaking out about money. Pacifica is listener supported and funded and are experiencing their own financial crisis. You can download the show I was on here along with other shows. If you like what you hear, please consider a small donation, a pledge to donate after January 2 (you can do that too), or helping to support by spreading the word. Let’s support Jay Smooth.


According to Jezebel, the Real Housewives of ATL are actually broke.

The Fashion Bomb brings us The Best of 2008: Magazine Diversity.

This Consumerist headline says it all: Go to the Black Macy’s If You Want Plus Sized Formal Wear.

Monica Roberts explains Why She Can’t Stand the ‘Gay is the New Black’ Slogan.

(Note: All the submissions will go into a post tomorrow.)