Images Worth 1000 Words

by Latoya Peterson

As of late, I’ve been sent or stumbled upon a few interesting images. Here they are, presented with as much background information as available.

Photo of sticker graffiti in Washington DC, as photographed by Jan Chipchase. What do you think is the meaning of the top image?

The image on the left is a tote bag handed out by designer Phillip Lim to customers. Fashionologie notes that the image is eerily reminiscent of blackface/darky iconography. Your take? (Thanks to reader Tommye for sending this in.)

Reader Paige sent in these ads:

Paige explains:

I read your blog and I was in Berlin the other day when I saw this billboard. The German text says ‘Japan is still whaling’. It’s hard to see from this angle, but the corner of the eye is made up to resemble a fish-tail. I’m with a group doing some anti-racist stuff and we all thought it was very troubling, so I thought you might be interested. […]

The second photo is just the same ad with some graffiti on it.

Your thoughts, readers?