In The Round: A Very Special Racialicious Roundtable For Heroes

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García

We’re all about shaking things up here at The R, so last week your Friendly Neighbo(u)rhood Roundtable got together to chat about not only the recently-concluded two-parter, “The Eclipse,” but other issues surrounding the show, including:
• Our old pal Mohinder, who was a hot topic in last week’s recap thread.
• The Petrellis’ vacation in Haiti, and the faceoff between The Haitian & Baron Samedi
Hiro’s regression, literal and figurative
• The series’ increasing, and unsettling, penchant for scenes that ring of implied sexual assault.

Here are some highlights from the discussion – the original transcript was 19 pages from just an hour-plus of conversation — for your reading pleasure …

So, Mohinder: Tragic figure or brainy schmuck?

Erica: I have a lot of fondness for Mohinder, but I think that he’s been written rather poorly this season. Turned into a schmuck instead of just being gullible.
Mahsino: I file him into minor annoyance. I can’t bring myself to care about him either way.
Hexy: I’ve always liked Mo, criminally levels of gullibility aside, and I don’t seem to hate his current storyline as much as most.
Robin: Power-hungry or irresponsible. I think they’ve consistently portrayed him as looking for answers, to finish his father’s work. But I think Mohinder needs a little WWMDD – What Would My Dad Do? — before he makes any more hasty decisions.
Erica: I was confused by Arthur’s statement that Mohinder needs to deal with his monsters. He had beaten up Flint because they were holding him against his will, not for fun or anything.
Hexy: I agree with that! I’m not sure if the intention was to highlight Papa Petrelli’s manipulation, or if they’re trying to go down some weird path of suggesting Mo has a deep dark evil side.
Arturo: I think [the creative team is] taking pains to show practically everybody’s dark or light side this year. They basically made Mo out to be power-hungry, what with injecting the serum right out of the blue. and the thing with Maya just kinda came out of nowhere.
Erica: They’re definitely taking pains — and making it painful for us all.
Robin: I’m surprised Mohinder hasn’t melted into a giant puddle of puss yet. Like that guy in the hospital bed. Who was that?

Clara: I feel like they put in the Mohinder/Maya relationship to boost Mo’s masculinity or something. Like, right after he injected himself, Mo’s chest was a lot more visible, and they complemented this by giving him a lover.

Erica: I think that Mohinder and Maya could have been an interesting couple, but their plotline was just so clumsily put together.
Clara: Yeah, Mohinder’s ambitions definitely slid from “must continue my father’s legacy” to “I want to be just like the cool kids …”
Hexy: And then to “it’s all about Maya!”
Robin: Remember the plot line with his younger sister? The Shanti virus? What happened to that plot?!?!
Mahsino: You’re supposed to forget all about that.
Erica: Stephen Canfield sucked it into a vortex.
Arturo: Back to Maya for a second. NEW JERSEY?!
Hexy: Yeah, wtf?
Erica: She can go anywhere and she hangs out in Jersey?
Arturo: Well, I’ve long thought people need to apologize for New Jersey.
Clara: Are all y’all from NYC? Haha. Maybe one of the writers is from Jersey and wanted to make a shout-out.
Mahsino: But Jersey? I understand the low cost of living, but come on now.
Robin: But she’s a wanted woman in Guatemala?
Hexy: Yeah, I can’t imagine she’d want to go home, what with the pile of corpses and people hunting her for murder.
Erica: Except it makes sense because she’s just a plot device for Mohinder and therefore she must be conveniently at hand whenever he requires. (gag)

Clara: The bit at the end when Sylar’s slicing Elle’s head had strands of rape in it. Like I know they were just kissing, but he had her pinned down with his body when he started.

Erica: I am unsure why Sylar needed to check out Elle’s brain, since he’d already empathically gained her power. But maybe he was seeing if she knew who his parents were.
Hexy: It was a bit too rape-referencing for me to be comfy with
Robin: I agree about the rape bit. It was disturbing.
Erica: There’s lots of pseudo-rape going on this season, and I’m not pleased with it.
Arturo: Maybe it was the Sylar aspect of his personality “reclaiming his territory.”
Mahsino: They love themselves some rape or rape-like situations on Heroes.
Hexy: It’s disgusting. They can’t show any scene in which a woman is engaged in a conflict in a non winning role without sexualising the hell out of it.
Robin: I have to say that sexualizing violence against women is a problem in a lot of media. Heroes is guilty of it, but it happens a lot.
Hexy: Oh, absolutely. But I don’t think that means we should give it a free pass when it shows up in our favourite shows.

Robin: Yeah, like those girls in Haiti?!

Arturo: Robin, truth be told, I thought Nathan was about to hit on the older sister.
Mahsino: Me too.
Clara: Me three.
Erica: OH — the girls in Haiti. Anybody else go “ARGH” when the white man pointed out to the black woman that “Someone like me should be protecting you”?
Robin: I thought the Haiti stuff was unfortunate. Plot line centered on a guerrilla dictator character in a third-world country? Check.
Robin: Non-white characters used as foils for the white characters? Check.
Mahsino: The over-sexed, aggressive, black male? Check.
Andrea: “We’ve defeated Baron Samedi, Haiti is safe!” Ugh.
Arturo: It wasn’t even Haiti, though. It was, like, one town.
Erica: No, no. Haiti is safe. Nathan saved Haiti. No problems there anymore.
Robin: Has Nathan ever spent a single day in the Senate?
Mahsino: Probably not.
Erica: Jeez, Baron Samedi didn’t even get a real name. I guarantee that’s not what his parents called him, but The Haitian calls him Samedi to his face.
Robin: Did they ever name The Haitian?
Mahsino: No.
Hexy: Nope. They threw in some waffle about Names Being Powerful to cover their asses, but the two brothers never named each other.
Robin: It would have been beautifully intimate if they actually used a fraternal relationship between those characters to draw out “The Haitian” and flesh him out more.
Mahsino: I like how they called The Haitian “The Haitian” to his face.
Arturo: Not even a “Hey man, I never got your name.”
Erica: Yeah, I was wondering if they were sort of thinking, “Damn, this is awkward. What do I call him? I only heard him called The Haitian. Is that his name?”
Robin: You know, the writers could never get away with that if he weren’t a foreigner. Can you imagine them referring to a character as “That black guy”?
Mahsino: You’d get it confused with Knox.

Arturo: Ok, creepier relationship: Claire and Peter or Claire and Noah?

Mahsino: Claire and Noah
Robin: They’re both pretty bad.
Hexy: I love how Sylar will just believe people telling him he’s a Petrelli … and then immediately believe anyone who tells him he’s NOT a Petrelli.
Arturo: I actually liked Noah calling him out on that.
Robin: Paging paternity test.
Hexy: Oh, absolutely, but come on. Did he chop open Mo’s head and steal the gullibility? I wouldn’t be able to resist constantly telling him sh-t that wasn’t true. “Oh, hey Gabriel … Say, did I ever mention that you’re heir to the throne of a small pacific island nation?”
Mahsino: Give Claire/Peter some time, they’ll work out the kinks. I think Peter’s adopted anyway.
Erica: I’d say Claire & Noah is creepier, just because Noah is such a total jackass.
Robin: You know, I have to say that I kind of love Claire’s mom. Although she puts up with too much BS from her hubby.
Arturo: Not to mention the occasional mind-wipe.
Robin: Ha, oh yeah, that too.
Mahsino: Seriously — How have they not gotten a divorce?
Arturo: That had to have been a great honeymoon: “No, really hon, we went to Disney World. It was awesome!”
Hexy: She certainly forgave that near-fatal level of mind-wiping thing pretty quickly.
Robin: She takes everything in stride, once she learns the truth.
Clara: I wonder if Noah would even allow Sandra to divorce him if she really wanted to. I think Noah would say “You know too much. If you leave me, I’ll have to kill you because it’s too risky.”
Robin: So much for protecting his family.
Hexy: How romantic :/
Mahsino: There you go with that memory and logic …
Hexy: Sorry, sorry.

Robin: I think that the writers made a big mistake with Hiro this whole season, taking him out of play and turning him into a 10-year-old. It’s been boring as hell.

Hexy: I agree with that … Hiro was on his way to awesome.
Clara: Especially the line in Monday’s episode: “I don’t want to grow up!”
Arturo: The 10-year-old [mentality], the writers say, was a mistake by Arthur. He was supposedly going to totally erase Hiro’s mind, but was distracted by Usutu’s painting of the eclipse.
Erica: No, it was a mistake by the writers.
Clara: Granted, it was right after he saw the Charlie storyline in the comic book. I can imagine he wouldn’t want to experience that again.
Hexy: But he WON’T experience it again. It’s already happened.
Arturo: Maybe Ando should’ve told him he totally saw her boobies.
Hexy: Hee!

And that’s it for this week. Join us after this week’s episode for more snark-tastic goodness!

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