Happy Hour Recap/Behind the Scenes at Racialicious.com

by Latoya Peterson

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Racialicious/Feministing Happy Hour on Tuesday. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Regular commenters Lunanoire and LisaJ made an appearance. And it was great to meet everyone else – all you fabulous lurkers who don’t comment. I appreciated your insights.

Ann, Miriam, and Adam Serwer (aka dnA of the Too Sense blog) were also there helping me hold it down.

I must say, I had to smile when I looked at the scattered table or two of Racialicious fans – y’all looked exactly like I thought you would. Multi-racial and multi-ethnic. I feel like next time, we should have a more intimate gathering, so we could all actually talk. (Most of the Racialicious readers grabbed a drink and then tried to find a quiet place to chat – makes me think we were all in search of conversation.)

At any rate, I got asked some interesting questions while I was there, and wanted to share them with the blog. Think of this as an FAQ.

Q: So, Racialicious is a full time thing for you guys now, right?

Ha! We wish. Most of us have day jobs. I remember reading the Jezebels talk about how their normal days go (basically chained to the computer until the evening) and going “hmm…that sounds nice.” Normally my day is spent working, sneaking peeks at the blog while doing something else, then going home at night and writing and editing posts.

Q: What’s Carmen been doing?

She’s grinding hard on New Demographic, planning some updates and a super big relaunch. She’s blogging over at CarmenVanKerckhove.com. We discuss this blog, but she doesn’t get involved unless I need her to step in when I’m sick or something.

Q: How do you find the time to blog?

Ha. I make time. Some weeks, I do a good job and have everything all scheduled and perfect with the ideal fifteen posts all set. And some weeks, it’s total chaos and I’m hiding in the copy room trying to bang out a post to put up late and deal with the comments later. Depends.

Q: How do you deal with negative comments?

Not well. Though, I’m apparently in good company. I can’t really complain about Racialicious. It’s about 90% active and engaged commenters, 5% people who like to hear themselves talk, and 5% racists/misogynists who get banned at some point. Some days it gets exhausting and feels kind of thankless, but then I get over it.

Q: Why is there so much Heroes coverage?

This one really made me laugh. I actually have never watched Heroes, but I vaguely remembered it being a thing on Racialicious where someone would do recaps. So, I’m off in my editrix bubble when my mailbox was suddenly deluged with requests before Season 3 started. After the sixth or seventh email, I was like “Whoa…this must be important.” After a little go round with past contribs and people who wanted to do it, the task basically fell to Arturo who provides two insightful updates a week. When he provides them, I post – simple as that. A lot of the content here is published as it is made available, so if something isn’t being covered, it is probably because it is not available to me.

(Example: A lot of y’all asked for racial analysis on Firefly – but no one on staff watched that show. I like Whedon’s stuff, so I’ll probably get it on DVD eventually…but looking at my Netflix queue, it could literally be a year before I watch it and post on it.)

So that’s it. West coasters, I heard your pleas, so I will work something out. And yes, I plan to schedule another DC meet up soon.

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