Announcements & Art

We generally don’t do meet ups here at Racialicious (if you saw the deleted comments, you would see why), but I pop into some of the Happy Hours that happen with other blogs. I headed out to a Feministing one back in the summer, and since then Ann, Miriam, and I have kicked around scheduling a joint DC meet up.

The time has come:

When: Tuesday, Nov. 18, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: Chi Cha Lounge, 1624 U St NW, Washington, DC

I’ll be there, holding it down with Ann and Miriam, and hope to see some of the other D/M/Vers there.

In other news, back in early fall, I attended an Art for Obama fundraiser/art show. One of the artists was a friend of a friend, which was my major motivation for attending. And I wasn’t disappointed, as his piece provided the main focal point for the show:

At any rate, Joe dropped me an email to let me know that since Obama won, he’s offering the original piece and prints for sale.

Title of work

• Year created

• Material/media
Nu-Pastel, Charcoal, Colored Pencil

• Dimensions
49″w x 46.5″h

The prints will be 11 x 17, unframed.

For more info and pricing, please contact joseph.f.lamour AT gmail DOT com.

Finally, a question for DC residents/art aficionados –

Did anyone happen to catch the documentary The Rising Tide: New Art in China that played last night at the Hirschhorn Gallery? Or does anyone know where I could get a copy of that film?

Description, for those of you who may not remember the title:

Robert Adanto’s documentary about new video and photography in China is considered in light of the region’s political and cultural history. Footage focuses on the artists in their studios describing their inspirations, challenges, and the controversial reception their work has received in the international art marketplace.