Open Thread: TV Shows

by Latoya Peterson

Okay, so aside from Heroes, who else wants to talk about something on TV?

Trueblood has been killing me for the last two weeks, with the evolution of Tara, Tara’s mom showing out – both under the influence AND sober – Jason’s infatuation with that fake holistic sociopath, Bill heading to trial, and the newest revelation about Sam has my head spinning. Thank heavens for Lafayette’s comic relief.

The Simpsons just did a sketch about the Great Pumpkin being a racist.

The second episode of D. L. Hughley Breaks the News was less entertaining than the first episode.

And for some reason, I want to blog about Entourage, but I haven’t been watching long enough to pick up many racial themes – just gender and heterosexism. There appears to be something with the stereotypes applied to Ari’s assistant, Lloyd, and Lloyd’s wishes for promotion, but I don’t think I have enough background info to make a call.

So, now, I’m opening the floor – what caught your eye on TV lately?