Introducing Our Newest Special Correspondent!

by Latoya Peterson

Netizens of Racialicious, I would like to present our newest correspondent – Arturo R. García! Arturo will be joining the team to primarily cover television and trends. I asked Arturo for a bio, and in typical Arturo fashion, he took the assignment and ran with it – so enjoy this mock interview:

… Let’s get back to the introductory press conference for Racialicious’ newest Special Correspondent, Arturo R. García, already in progress:

What does “Ni de Aquí, Ni de Alla” mean to you?
“Not from here, nor from there.” Pretty much the story of my life. Growing up bilingual in Mexico isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, we all got taught English in school, but for whatever reason I spoke it “too well.” Add in the thick glasses and thicker hair – seriously, I used to need a haircut every month or I’d turn into a 5’3 Dr. J – and I understand why kids looked at me as if I were an … uh, maybe “alien” isn’t the best word.

But that improved when you moved to the U.S., right?
Overall, yes. For instance, I don’t know if I’d have been in the right place to get tuned into sites like Racialicious if I hadn’t had the experiences I had here.

Quit sucking up, man, you got the job.
No, really! I mean, when you’re listening to Maldita Vecindad at a Hispanic job fair and a Mexican kid tells you, “That’s not Mexican music,” that makes you think. When a Mexican co-worker tells you, “You know, I always thought you were a pocho,” you have to start asking questions. And when a white co-worker tells you to take off your watch before covering a funeral for a Mexican by saying, “Mexicans don’t wear that stuff,” you need to find people who can connect to those experiences, because otherwise you want to rip your hair out that all this sort of stuff still goes on. And I don’t know if staying in Mexico would have led me down that road.

So, where has the road led you?
I’ve worked in print and television journalism and currently work in Spanish-language commercial radio. I spent six years as part of the Rocky Horror scene, including founding one performance troupe in Kansas, of all places. Besides bringing some snark to Racialicious, I currently host my own blog, The Instant Callback, which, to be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to hone into something equal parts Dear Diary and Multimedia Superstore. And I’m developing two podcasts that would start early next year.

Anything else we need to know?
I’m an unabashedly loudmouthed geek, and I know full well what I’m walking into here, and plan to step it up accordingly.

Please join me in welcoming Arturo to the team!