Massive Video Post

Reader Rose Anne sends in this video, which is the Young Turks analyzing the Fox News videos on the financial meltdown. Apparently, it was loaning to minorities that caused the financial meltdown. (Notice the link between minorities and poor, or minorities and non-credit worthy.)

Secretary-Treasurer of theAFL-CIO Richard Trumka talks about unions, race, internalized racism and Obama:

Author Irwin Tang discusses his new book, “Gook: John McCain’s Racism and Why It Matters.” He goes into the history of the term and how it is a term of war. Key quote: “It’s a term you use toward people you are willing to kill.”

Something I missed in all the Tyra frenzy – an interesting interview with the Shannon and Shauna Baker and Irene Bedard, working Native American actresses who spoke openly about being an underrepresented minority and passing as Latina in order to work.

And finally, an interesting video on The Girl Effect – breaking the cycle of poverty by educating women: