Open Thread: The First Debate

by Latoya Peterson

Dearest readers,

Your editrix has been working and traveling hard for the bulk of the week, so I haven’t checked in on my beloved blog as much as I wanted.

However, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post an open thread of the presidential debates.

I ended up watching the debates in a bar up in Spanish Harlem, slamming sangria and raspberry Hefeweizen, chilling with my homegirl Erica, and yelling at the damn screen like I ain’t got no fucking home training.

“Whatever McCain!”

“Gobama! Yeah, boy, get him on the details!”

“Damn, homie, he got you! Recover, Recover!”

I felt like Obama came strong and stayed strong. McCain’s performance was a bit uneven, though he definitely became more confident around issues of national security, and made a few good points.

Some links:

Washington Post – Fact Checker

New York Times – Check Point: The first debate

And now, I’m taking my drunk ass to bed and opening the floor. Remember to be civil to each other now!