Guest Blogging Goodness

by Latoya Peterson

I am over at Feministe for the next two weeks, guest blogging. I would love if some of y’all came through every now and then to show some anti-racist love over on the boards.

I plan to blog a lot about hip-hop feminism, and also find the time to cover all the stuff I outlined in my intro piece:

I’m still planning to write some things on comic and video game heroines, manga-style feminism, the Pussycat Dolls, Tila Tequila, music videos and messaging, paranormal smut fiction and reggaeton. But I will also be outlining my understanding and application of hip-hop feminism, dissecting musical lyrics and ingrained misogyny, issues with discussing feminism and class, the perils of religious bias, capitalism, colonialist bias in the feminist gaze, why feminism is a battleground, and understanding the limitations of both lived experience and theory.

My first real post is up now, called “Before I discovered feminism…

A short sample…

[…] Bryan was also bored, alternately ignoring me and fighting with me, generally over whose turn it was to play their CD on the one stereo in the basement with a temperamental attitude. We both knew that at any moment, the CD player could decide to stop reading CDs so the battle quickly took on epic proportions.

After I lost the most recent round of slapboxing over the stereo, I settled onto a couch with a book to read while Bryan queued up a brand new CD that was just released.

“Stupid,” he taunted me from across the room. “You need to stop looking all dumb and learn to start acting like a girl. You need to look like this!”

He walked over, and shoved the CD cover in my face.

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I am not sure how I am going to handle these posts – depending on the quality of the conversation, I will either post them in full here or just provide links out. We’ll see how it goes.