Open Thread: Summer Movies

by Latoya Peterson

Readers, we have a problem.

There is no way in hell the Racialicious team is going to be able to get through all the summer movies we want to get through. There just isn’t enough time. So this thread is going to have two functions: (1) to solicit suggestions for which movies we will cover and (2) to share resources if any of our readers know of other sites who have covered these movies and discussed all the “-isms”.

There are currently two on deck. I need to do a write up of Vicky Christina Barcelona and Fatemeh sent me some info on Don’t Mess with the Zohan that I lost in my inbox of doom. Those two are covered.

Has anyone done/will anyone volunteer to do a review of any of the following movies:

Speed Racer
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Kung Fu Panda
The Love Guru
Meet Dave

There are two other movies – Hancock and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – that I will probably end up seeing, but would love an alternate perspective on those as well.

Tropic of Thunder is a tricky one. There is a boycott going on and I am loathe to break that one. On the other hand, we’ve discussed the film before and should do a write up of it to address the questions that came up in those two posts. Readers, how do you suggest we handle this? A mega-post like we did for Sex and the City? Carmen and I find some way to obtain it on bootleg? Did one of our readers got roped into going and would be willing to publish a post on it? Suggestions encouraged.

Also, I’d be interested in someone doing an overview of the Superhero movies that happened this summer: we’ve got Hellboy, Iron Man, and the Incredible Hulk to compare with The Dark Knight (and Hancock, I suppose.) Maybe we should do a chart…

Finally, heading into fall, there are a couple of movies of interest:

Lakeview Terrace which features Samuel L. Jackson as a black cop harassing an interracial couple who moves in next door. Looks interesting and intriguing…until I saw the director. It’s Neil LaBute, and I’m still salty from watching his play This is How it Goes.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua which is giving me the racism/sexism heebie-jeebies from the trailer.

Thoughts? Floor is open.