Month: July 2008

July 1, 2008 / / Uncategorized

by Guest Contributor M. Dot, originally published at Model Minority

These days and times are trife for Black women. You will rarely hear me speak from the stance of victim-hood, as I try my hardest to keep agency on mines.

My rationale is that as long as you are reactionary, someone else will always be setting your agenda and you will not gain any sustainable traction.

However the skin issues, sexual access issues have been on my bird lately.

The sexual access issues arose at the DJ Spinna Party on Saturday. I was standing with Filthy near the bar debating how long it is going to take Spinna to play Shook Ones or Who Got the Props. There were two clusters of white women there. In each group there was one women wearing a veil. They were toasted. Light-weight Girls Gone Wild toasted.

For the past six or seven years, New York City clubs have been making extra cake by throwing bachelor/ette parties earlier in the evening from 8-11pm with the regular party running from 11-3am. However there tends to be carry over, which is what I think happened Saturday. My homie K-boogie confirmed this later that night as she went to a bachelor party at the same spot last week.

So, I am standing there, minding my own business and a woman walks by me to order a drink. She apparently was a bachelor/ette party attendee, stripper or both. Either way she was lit, blond, and hootered out.

The first time she passed me she complemented my earrings.

(My earing game is mean.)

Second time she rubbed past me.

The third time, I was leaning over talking to Filth, so his ear was toward me, and she kissed me near my other ear. Read the Post For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Homicide When the Patriarchy is Enough