Introducing Two New Special Correspondents!

by Latoya Peterson

It is with great pleasure that I am able to introduce you to the two newest additions to the Racialicious team!

Thea Lim

Our first new correspondent is the fabulous Thea Lim, who I shamelessly harassed to write for our blog until she finally gave in and became part of the team!

Thea Lim lives in Toronto where she does communication work for a not-for-profit women’s health advocacy group, and tries to convince people to read her novel, The Same Woman. Her writing has been published by Second Story Press, the Utne Reader, and Canadian Woman Studies/les cahier de la femme and she helped establish the Shameless Magazine blog. In January she is moving to Houston to do her MFA, and she has a soft spot for Ne-Yo.

AJ Plaid

Our second fabulous addition has a very special job. I will expand upon the reason for this in the Editrix Letter, but AJ Plaid has the distinction of being Racialicious’ first Sexual Correspondent.

Andrea (AJ) Plaid runs The Cruel Secretary, where she blogs about race, gender, and sex. She’s also a contributor at Michelle Obama Watch. Sex has served as a leitmotif throughout her life ever since she saw her late father’s porn magazine collection at a young age.

Andrea has written about HPV, African-Americans and vegetarianism, and her hometown’s artist scene for various publications. She’s written reviews about DVDs concerning sex and sexualities for the Library Journal. She has been quoted in the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune regarding the decline of the NAACP, African Americans’ protectiveness toward Senator Barack Obama, and the rift between white feminists and feminists of color in defending Michelle Obama against racist and sexist media attacks. Andrea was born, reared, and received her liberal arts degree. concentrating on Women’s Studies, in Ohio. She obtained a master’s degree in librarianship, where she wrote an independent study about founding and maintaining a sex-positive library, in Boston, MA. She currently lives and dances salsa in Brooklyn, NY.

Please help me welcome Thea and Andrea to the team!