Friday Music, Musings, and Annoucements

by Latoya Peterson

Happy Friday y’all!

There’s a blackout in downtown DC today, so I am heading into the office late. Nice intro to the weekend, though it cost me some money. A lot has been going on in DC, and I saw a couple things – the anti-suicide posters on the Metro, the “safety” zoning plans – pop up in the blogosphere. I’ll talk about that later though.


I did not receive any announcements this week. So, floor is open to the readers.


Blue Six – All I Need


Some scattered things I’m thinking about:

* I need to declare email bankruptcy. I have not a hope of getting through this inbox.

* I really want to write about comics. I picked up a mainstream American comic after years of non-involvement yesterday and immediately found myself sucked back into my fan girl roots. It also made me think about heroines and villainesses. And critiquing the comic industry. I wonder if the top people in comics understand that we want inclusion, but that inclusion doesn’t mean scrapping everything and starting over. I wonder if they, like the head honchos in gaming, seem to fail to understand that women aren’t going to get into something due to targeted marketing – there has to be a compelling character or plot. And I wonder why we can create these largely complicated multifaceted characters but still be unequipped to deal with matters of race and gender.

* I really should get to a post primary run down, but I frankly don’t have the strength. Ditto with the Sex and the City post. And the same with the Fast Company article “China Invades Africa.” But I have to do it, so next week is going to be interesting.

*It occurs to me that I should at some point explain the “why” in hip-hop feminism, specifically discussing misogyny and gender roles and economics. And why “woman of color” means different things to different people. And why I don’t spend a lot of time denouncing the sexism of certain men of color. And the cost of identifying as a feminist. I feel like that needs to be discussed as well.

Anything on your mind?