History Has an Interesting Sense of Timing

by Latoya Peterson

Marc Lamont Hill writes*

August 28, 1955 – Emmitt Till is murdered in Mississippi

August 28, 1963 – Martin Luther King gives his I Have A Dream Speech

Augist 28, 2008 – Barack Obama officially moves toward the White House

When confronted by these dates, I finally understood the historical significance of Barack’s candidacy. For the first time, I understood how much Barack’s candidacy means to oppressed people around the globe. For the first time, I fully appreciate how the idea of a Black presidency serves to sustain the hope and faith of a diasapora marked by suffering, oppression, and dislocattion. For the first time, I was proud.

He goes on to say:

Does this mean that I support him? No. Do I think that he will help the condition of black and brown people? No. But maybe, at least for today, that’s not the point. Today, I am merely going to bask in the joy of knowing that anything is possible for our people..

Fair enough.

*Pictures added for emphasis.