Logo Gives Asian-American Lesbians a Voice with Gimme Sugar

by Guest Contributor Joanna Eng

I kind of hate reality shows, and especially ones that are about a group of people who like to party. (Well, okay, I’ll admit that I did follow the first season of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila.) But here’s one that I have reason to be excited about: Gimme Sugar on Logo.

From the GO Magazine article:

“Most happily, perhaps, is the strong presence of Asian lesbians on the show. Three lesbians on Gimme Sugar are certifiably Asian American. There is swaggering, deep Davonee from Laos; on-top-of-the-bar-making-out-with-whoever Taiwanese Bathilda; and alternately kickass and nurturing lesbian leader Charlene, who was born in the Philippines and settled in California as an infant. They are some of the first Asian lesbians portrayed on television.”

Davonee says, “It’s really hard because we’re Asian, you know—we’re not supposed to be gay! So I think [the show] is just gonna help a lot of Asian girls and families to come out and be comfortable.”

Bathilda adds, “And we’re three very different Asian lesbians—some Asian out there in Milwaukee can totally relate!”

A reality show about the party scene in L.A. isn’t exactly going to change the world; and it’s limited to the Logo audience, so it might not get much mainstream attention. But, c’mon, Margaret Cho and Tila Tequila can’t hold it down for all queer Asian American women forever! Since The L Word can’t seem to acknowledge that there are Asian Americans in California, and even add one token character to their cast, this is big news. I’m just impressed that out of only five main characters on Gimme Sugar, three of them (60 percent, people!) are Asian American.

What do you think? Are you going to watch?