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The Unapologetic Mexican – Banking on Denial

HILLARY CLINTON plays a dangerous game. She uses her supporters—who believe in her so much that they refuse to see she is a calculating politician—to cover her crooked technique. Don’t get me wrong, of course Obama is a calculating politician too. I don’t think he is some beautiful pure child unstained by power plays or agenda or strategy. He uses different moves, but he sure ain’t throwin’ elbows like Hillary.


Hillary Clinton is banking all these sly shots in a zone where denial steps aside and leaves the net wide open. She uses the power of the listener’s own mind to hide her intention. She enlists the denial that Good People Employ so that they don’t have to admit the hard realities of racism. She encourages blindness. She urges you to go along with this voice of denial while she moves this string just so, and this wedge just so. Always remaining hidden to the mind that already doesn’t want to see certain things. As long as you refuse to buy into the idea that what the “AAs” (this is what some sites now reduce blacks to??) have to say on these things might matter, she wins each and every encounter. She is clearly a master of her game. And she plays you. Because that is a long-running tendency in our nation. Those are the voices we are very used to discounting, hey? But she doesn’t know anything about that.

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by Guest Contributor Cara Kulwicki, originally published at the Curvature

This is terrifying.

Sheila Jones called 911 because her ex-boyfriend had broken into her house. According to Jones, he had a knife. But for three hours, authorities did nothing.

Her call for help began when an angry ex-boyfriend barged into her house.

Sheila’s first call was recorded at Metro Nashville’s 911 Center at 2:08 p.m.

Sheila to 911: “Get the police here now. My life is threatened. Please God. Please God. Please God. Get me police over now. He’s got a knife on me. My life threatened.”

In fact, Sheila’s 911 ordeal dragged on for almost three hours – through call after call.

[. . .]

Sheila: “Get out of my house.”
911: “Is he a boyfriend?”
Sheila: “He’s ex. Get out of my house. He’s outside now. He just went outside.”

“You’re emotional, you’re desperate and you call for help. Then what happened?” asked Phil.

“Nothing,” Sheila said.

And why did they do nothing? Why didn’t Jones receive any help? What kind of horrible lack of resources is this police department dealing with? (emphasis mine)

“I got one call that said they were en route to you and a more important call came up so they diverted to that call,” Sheila remembered.

“I’m saying a knife, my life. I’m wondering what kind of call they got. Was somebody actually dead then or something?”

So where was the officer? NewsChannel 5’s investigation discovered he was out helping another officer on a traffic stop.

“That’s so ugly,” Sheila said bursting into tears when she heard that bit of information for the first time.

“Just sitting here, it feels like it just happened. That’s how I feel right now, like it just happened just now, and to know that they put a traffic stop over that.”

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Ta-Nehisi Coates (Blog) – Depressing

(Emphasis mine – LDP)

Feminists have expended whole barrels of ink wondering why the fuck they have virtually no following among black women. But over the past week all I’ve heard is this stupid-ass attempt to raise the profile of privileged white women at the expense of black boys and girls who I see out on Lennox Avenue scrapping in the belly of the beast. Nothing is more irritating than watching people who think they know what beef is because they watched Roots, and took an Af-Am Studies class at Wellesley, tell me that it’s now all good. Hillary, and people who support this sort of invective, are loathsome and disgusting. I don’t care if they’re racist–they clearly find racism useful. The only women who they care about, the only young girls who they truly are concerned about, are the ones from their side of the tracks.

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by Latoya Peterson

A while back, I wrote about how catcalling affects women, specifically saying:

When a man feels like he has the “right” to force me to stop and speak to him, it is a whole other game entirely.

Complicating matters are the risks faced by women in our society. One in six women will become the victim of a sexual assault. Most people (men and women) do not recognize what is defined as sexual assault. According to Byron Hurt’s documentary Beyond Beats and Rhymes reveals more statistics: Black women are 35% more likely to be assaulted than white women. Only 7% of black women report being assaulted.

I have been sexually assaulted. The majority of my female friends have as well, running the gamut from being groped and restrained to molest to being raped at 13 years of age.

What men think is a game has completely different stakes for women.

Essential Presence writes about the terrible aftermath to some of these situations. In a post entitled “Why Bother With Calling me a Bitch When You Can Just Shoot Me?” she notes:

There was a time when if you rebuffed a stranger’s advances, if you didn’t give him your phone number he would just call you a bitch and tell you that you aren’t shit. And as his friends laughed at his witty response they would all walk or drive off.

Now, young Black women have to choose between some bug-a-boo calling their cell phone or risk getting shot. Read the Post When Catcalling Isn’t Just an Annoyance