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by Guest Contributor dnA, originally published at Too Sense

Michael Calderone has this video of Geraldine Ferraro claiming black journalists, (and I assume she means black male journalists) of being surrogates for Obama and ignoring sexism on the trail.

Read the Post Ferraro Mania

by Guest Contributor Calabar, originally published at Girl in the Machine

Natan: …

Remember the good ol’ days after the first world war when European vampires still embarked on sabbaticals to the American south-west, cat-people ran Hollywood from behind the scenes, and cheeky teenage detectives could break into high-security compounds like Alcatraz without consequences?

Oh wait—that’s not real life. It’s Shadow Hearts: From the New World (thank goodness).

There’s something about this irreverent video game series that I find incredibly appealing, but sometimes it leaves me scratching my head. The way the developers choose to represent characters can be a little disingenuous. In particular, minority characters have their differences from the mainstream magnified one hundredfold. Whether it’s the swishy Magimel tailors or the so-Mexican-it-hurts mariachi singer Ricardo, everything is so overblown that it’s difficult to take it seriously.

While discussing the game with BomberGirl and PlasmaRit, we became interested in the “strong and silent” Native American character Natan. We wondered how much he actually had to say throughout the course of the game, and I honestly couldn’t recall. It’s been a while since I’ve played it.

To investigate our suspicions, I combed through one hundred and ten pages of the Shadow Hearts: From the New World script. From beginning to end, the script is 30,324 words long.

Natan says 768 words. Read the Post I’m Sure You’ve Got Plenty to Say

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by Guest Contributor HighJive, originally published at MultiCultClassics

To commemorate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, it seems appropriate to note the debate ignited by Chicago Sun-Times advertising columnist Lewis Lazare. The writer recently criticized a new commercial for Quiznos starring an Asian American woman working at a Laundromat. Created by Cliff Freeman Advertising, it can be viewed at the Quiznos website. In the spot, the old woman eats a $5 bill; plus, she appears to be in the throes of dementia as she gazes adoringly at her Quiznos sandwich.

“Cliff Freeman takes sandwich war too far by demeaning Asian Americans,” read Lazare’s headline. “To say the commercial insults Asian Americans is a massive understatement.”

A few days later, Lazare published the following reactions to his perspective:

You are right about the Quiznos spot. The Six Flags ad is even more stupid and offensive to Asian Americans. —Mike Kocher

I thought the commercial was an attempt to be funny. You review the same type of ads with young white guys doing stupid antics and don’t mention anyone being insulted. Can’t Asian Americans act stupid to get laughs? —Michael Schimp Read the Post Ching, Chong, and Little Change

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by Guest Contributor Average Bro, originally published on

Not that anyone’s really noticed, but the NAACP’s been asleep at the wheel since they ran off their most recent President, Bruce Gordon over a year ago. This weekend, the organization quietly introduced their new President, the oddly named Carlos Solis[1] Ben Jealous.

A 35-year-old human rights activist on Saturday was chosen to become the NAACP’s new president and chief executive. Benjamin Todd Jealous, a graduate of Columbia University and a Rhodes scholar, will become the youngest leader in the 99-year history of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People. Read the Post Did the NAACP Finally Get Something Right?

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by Latoya Peterson

I am interrupting my own self-imposed silence on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most recent comments* to address something I have been seeing with disturbing frequency on pro-Hillary blogs.

Hillary Clinton is not Robert F. Kennedy. They were not in the same position. They are not fighting the same kind of fight. So can we please stop this foolishness?

Over on Shakesville, a commenter stated:

mojave_wolf 05/24/2008 05:13 PM 2 points

Well, RFK Jr wasn’t offended by this and is still in Hillary’s camp, and I think if anyone is in a position to know what she’s talking about whether it’s offensive, it’s him.

I was so happy to see Kathy’s post up above — What’s really disturbing about the reaction to Hillary’s analogy (aside from the way MSNBC initially took it out of context to produce exactly this sort of reaction, and that RFK Jr’s immediately coming to her defense is getting practically no play) is that all the people freaking out about the comment are completely ignorant of the fact that *HILLARY* is in the Bobby Kennedy position.

Kennedy, like Hillary, was staying in the race while behind in hopes of building momentum and catching up (some differences–he was behind in part because he started late; she is a lot closer in delegates and actually is the leader in the popular vote)

Oh hell no. Read the Post HRC is not RFK

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by Guest Contributor Tami, originally published at What Tami Said

That said, it would be nice to see some glimmer of feminism coming out of our presumptive black male candidate. I’d like to know what he thinks of OJ Simpson, for example. Would he, law professor, stand up in front of a black crowd and admit that he thinks OJ got away with murdering a white woman – unlike the countless black males who actually didn’t murder the white woman, but were hanged anyway? In all cases, remember, the woman was actually dead.

More importantly, will Obama repudiate the misogynistic undertone in rap music, the tidal wave of bitch and ho vulgarity that does nothing to move young black (and white) women an inch closer to parity with men? Read more…

Wow! Just…wow, Nina Burleigh. In her recent post on Huffington Post, the writer wonders “Is Obama Man Enough to be a Feminist Too?” I wonder if Burleigh realizes how ridiculously race biased it is to ask a candidate to weigh in on O.J. Simpson and decry hip hop simply because he is a black man. Read the Post When Will Barack Obama answer for the bad behavior of his brethren?