Fair and Lovely Ad: Lighter Skin = Better Job Prospects

by Latoya Peterson

Deesha sent in these two ads for the skin-lightening product Fair and Lovely. Targeted to the Indian market, the ads promise job advancement (and the perception of beauty) after you lighten your skin by a few shades.

This ad is in English:

Notice, when the actress mentions that four is her lucky number, they show her skin lightening by four shades.

This ad is not in English, but the meaning is clear enough:

Not only does the ad show the model lightening six shades, but the emphasis in this commercial is working with a “modern beauty company.” So modern beauty equates to fair skin? Fascinating.

I am also amused by Fair and Lovely’s marketing to women in Indonesia:

Inspiring women

Since 1993 until today, we have been committed to transforming and inspiring the lives of women through beauty. We also believe in the economic empowerment of women to improve standards of living and contribute positively to the quality of life of all Malaysians.

What we offer

The products we offer are dedicated to the beauty of women everywhere. Our range comprises Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream, Fair & Lovely Herbal Cream, Fair & Lovely Facial Facewash, Fair & Lovely Under Eye Cream, Fair & Lovely Fairness Soap and Fair & Lovely Fairness Body Lotion. Our Multi-Vitamin Fairness Cream is yet another innovation to make your skin naturally fairer and radiant in a mere 4 weeks – harnessing the goodness of 4 essential vitamins, namely Vitamin B3, C, A and E.

How noble.