The Real World – Just Your Regular, Reality Show Racism

by Latoya Peterson

The new season of the Real World is on. This one is The Real World XX: Hollywood.

Wendi saw something shady and dropped us an email. *sigh* I rolled over to the MTV site to see what new manufactured racism for ratings was in store for me.

(Please note – the videos are embedded but now direct you to the MTV website. I don’t know why that is happening.)

They don’t dissapoint, do they?

In the video, the housemmates fight and the white, southern roommate Kim starts calling the black, braided roommate Brianna ghetto. The fight escalates, screaming starts, more allegations of ghetto, Brianna calls her a white bitch, and then we get to my favorite quote.

Kim: “I don’t care where you’re from, if you’re from the most inner city…blackville.”

Yeah, spit that word out. Bllllaaaaaackville. Just let the contempt ooze out of your mouth. Look at her face y’all, it says it all.

I also love that the other roommate (Sarah) giggles into her hand, “You should really watch what you say.”

Meanwhile, some benevolent other black person in the house (Greg) decides to broker a fake peace argreement where neither girl looks at each other, they end in an awkward hug, and Brianna promises that more racial altercations will come. Video:

Bored, bored, bored. Seriously, MTV? Do y’all specifically cast for racists, assholes, and agitators? At this point, it’s like a formula. Every season has some huge racial altercation. Every season has some kind of woman trying to sleep her way into self-esteem. Every season has a guy coping with a break up angrily. The roommates have gone from conversation to fights and air kisses in the hot tub between rounds. I’m bored with all this boring ass fake controversy!

Remember when Kefla was on the Road Rules: Down Under? And was feeling seriously black and alienated? And was reading Amistad on his bunk bed? And when he and one of the white guys – Shane or Chadwick – were debating angrily about why aboriginal children in Australia had to learn about Thanksgiving? That was conflict. That was an actual conversation where they were both screaming and both making very good points, and both walking away determined to do their own thing. Growth. Development. An actual exchange of ideas. And this happened on Real Worlds in the past as well, back when the job was a major component of the show and characters actually had a vested interest in each other.

Clearly, we have replaced that with the hit and run racial commentary, the hot tub, and screaming matches.

Then again, maybe I’m just getting old. Everything’s always better when you remember it, right?

Actually no. I just watched the video again and it still sucks.

The only reason for watching this show is in the second video at -2.20.

Replay that again.

Did you see the guy headed for the shower?


Hi! Who are you? Are you legal?

From his bio:

Name: Will

Age: 23

Detroit, Mich.

Cute, charismatic and witty, Will is the true ladies’ man of The Real World house. In his hometown of Detroit, he worked as a DJ, performing at weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. In Hollywood, Will plans to continue creating cool beats and showing off his moves — both on and off the dance floor. Determined to be a super-successful music producer, Will is eager to hustle and hit the streets to sell the songs he has created. Is his determination about to pay off?

*turns on Van Hunt’s “The Lowest 1 of My Desires”*

And he’s a DJ? Damn it, don’t tell me I have to watch this crappy ass show so I can see more Will. Damn it! This is why The Real World has been on for over twenty freaking seasons. They cast people that are too hot to turn away from. Please, don’t let him be stupid. Nothing is more of a turn off than a dumb man…


Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

When Wendi sent this around to me and Carmen, I think we both collectively yawned.

Just your garden-variety reality show racism. Nothing to see here.

(Except Will.)