Open Thread: Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Okay, y’all – who saw the movie over the weekend?

If you did not see the movie because you found the first H & K too sexist, I am here right now to tell you that you made the right choice because the second movie is even worse. (Though, you do get to see three different men breakdown over their respective lost loves and one of the biggest misogynists get their comeuppance.)

If you have not yet seen the movie, please do not read any further because here there be spoilers.

Some scattered thoughts…

* I have been fuming about this since Saturday night. I sit through a whole movie designed for the titillation of men. Fair enough. I knew what I was getting into. But what the fuck was up with that tease? I watch fifteen different vaginas roll by, catch a glimpse of a stunt dick and that’s all cool – but when John Cho and Kal Penn drop trou you do the cut away?


Where is the consideration for the women!?!?!?

Who the hell is responsible for this travesty? Is it the MPAA? The directors? The actors? I want names dammit! Parity in nudity!

I ought to start a petition.

Or at the very least, lobby for the director’s cut to include it. Anyway, moving on…

* How bad is it that I missed the black stereotype joke? I had no fucking clue why dude was pouring “grape pop” on the ground until one of the other guys called out “You got any kool-aid?”


* Interesting that they manage to do a throw down with extremists and manage to mention that they weren’t Muslims, but “even if [they] were, it doesn’t mean we’re terrorists!”

* Goth John Cho. ~Squee!~

* I never, ever wanted to have a mental image of a bag of weed with a vagina. Thanks for that one…

* As an intentional nod to the creators, only the Jewish characters were allowed to live up to their stereotype.

And, along those lines – fuck you, Tom Carson. Now that I’ve seen the movie, your review makes less sense.

* They shot Neil Patrick Harris!

*I am leaving the Bush role alone for the moment.

* Love the poem – who wrote that? That was so fabulously weird and dorky.

That’s what stood out most strongly in my mind. Your thoughts?