Dear Racialicious Readers,

After careful consideration, I have made the decision to leave my post as a Special Correspondent for Racialicious.


Quite frankly, I’m waaaaaay overworked, though that’s no fault of Racialicious. I’m an overachieving workaholic. This is what I do best.

BUT, I also recognize that I have to devote a few moments in the day for “Wendi Time.” Though I have come to this choice in hopes of salvaging (finding?) my sanity, leaving Racialicious is going to be hard! Despite the fact that I may find myself with a few extra minutes (ok, HOURS…because some of those articles took me a loooong time to write) of sleep after I leave my “day” job (which I affectionately refer to as my “corporate sweatshop”) mere seconds before the sun rises, I will miss y’all.

If you start to miss me, however, you can find me elsewhere in the POC internet community, as I will still be serving as an Editor-at-Large and Contributor for The Coup Magazine and the Coup Magazine blog. You can also find all the posts I have written for Racialicious here. And I am not gone forever, mind you. I will still be back from time to time as a guest contributor.

In the meantime, keep on commenting!

I wish the best of luck to Latoya, our new editor (go ‘head, girl!) and Fatemeh, who will, no doubt, continue to supply you with meaty articles on the toughest of topics, and I extend my sincerest gratitude to Carmen for having given me this amazing opportunity to express my thoughts and to prove that my undergraduate degree wasn’t a total waste of scholarship money! :- )

Signing off,

Wendi Muse