WAM!2008 – Conference Working Paper

by Latoya Peterson

Carmen, Wendi and I attended WAM!2008 to present a panel posing the question “Can Blogging Help End Racism?”

The short answer is “Umm…kind of.”

We discussed defining racism, whether or not blogging can be called activism (and if it is active or passive activism) and some things to consider while anti-racist blogging.

During the panel, we handed out a working paper to all the participants. It was intended to be a personal reflection document, something to help people explore their ideas on race and racism.

I thought it might be fun to share it with you all, so:

    Can Blogging End Racism?

    Personal Working Paper

    1. How do you define racism?

    2. How do you respond (emotionally) to discussions on racism in blogs and on the internet? Anger? Relief? Anticipation?

    3. Why are you personally interested in ending racism? How would ending racism benefit you?

    4. How do you combat racism in your daily life?

    5. What are you personally willing to do to end racism? What would you be willing to give up? What would you offer?