HomeBoyz In OuterSpace Looks Like The Wire By Comparison

by guest contributor AverageBro, originally published at AverageBro.com

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to watching TV, the fine folks at UPN/WB/WhateverTheHeckIt’sCalledNowadays got the wise idea of giving America’s Favorite CrackHead a sitcom.

Watch it and weep, folks. Here’s the upcoming sitcom Under One Roof, as described by the show’s website.

Flav plays Calvester Hill, an ex-convict that moves in with his wealthy, conservative brother, Winston (Kelly Perine). Calvester subsequently turns the Hill family’s life upside down, parading his old prison cronies through the house; teaching his nephew Winston Jr. (Jesse Reid) to be a gangsta rapper; and butting heads with Winston’s snooty wife, Ashley (Carrie Genzel), seventeen year-old princess Heather (Marie Michael), and housekeeper Su Ho (Emily Kuroda).

Calvester? Alrighty then.

And of course, the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air-ish Trailer…

Considering the fact that the Geico Cavemen had a show, I guess this one isn’t too much of a stretch, but still…

I’m sure Cosby is just giddy about this one.

Question: Could this show possibly eclipse HomeBoys In OuterSpace as the Worst Show Evar? Just how many years does this set the black race back? How many weeks do you give the show before it’s mercifully canned and syndicated on BET?

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