Open Thread: How Should We Discuss Interracial Dating?

by Latoya Peterson

So, I’ve been having a bit of a problem.

I want to discuss interracial dating on this site, I really do. Lauren and Cord’s pieces on Stereohyped (and the subsequent comments) revealed that there is a lot to be hashed out.

I specifically want to explore the attitudes surrounding interracial dating, a breakdown by racial/ethnic group, if there is a difference between dating other PoC not of your race and dating white, dating interracially as a person of mixed background, and interracial queer dating.

However, the conversations we had last year make me hesitate to write the posts. Interracial dating is still a hot-button topic, and I was really disappointed last year as two conversations went from interesting to antagonistic in less than thirty comments. I really don’t want to hear the same old “well, if black men would just…” or “if black women would stop…” or “Asian women need to stop selling out and stand by their men…”

Can we vent frustration without attacking each other? Can we have these kinds of conversations without heavy moderation?

Your ideas (both on moderating the conversation and on topics to explore) are welcome.