The 25 Hottest Men in Gaming

by Guest Contributor Pat M., originally published at Token Minorities

So Bonnie over at Heroine Sheik posted an interesting breakdown of the “types” of men generally found in this (admittedly rather lackluster, this-post-is-worthless-without-pics) list of the “25 Hottest Men in Gaming”. Do you like your men brawny? Slender and effeminate? Pyramid-headed? And so on.

The assumption that both sites leave untouched: white. That’s right, the list in question is full of white boys*, something that no one else seems to notice. While the original list doesn’t have any pictures, I scrounged up a few pics of the individuals who seemed to have promise as potential non-whiteys. Behold:

Altair from Assassin’s Creed:

Hwoarang from Tekken:

And Iori Yagami from King of Fighters:

Even the ostensibly Asian guys, Iori and Hwoarang, look pretty white to me. Incidentally, I didn’t know that Iori played bass guitar. Nice.

Looks like my next feature is going to have to be hottest men of color in video gaming.

*Original term omitted with the grudging permission of the author