Update to the comments policy

by Carmen Van Kerckhove and Latoya Peterson

We really hate having to do this, but we are adding yet more rules to the comment policy.

10. If all of your comments are variations on the same theme, we reserve the right to ban you. If every time you post a comment it is a variation of “that’s because white people hate black people” or “you need to stop generalizing white people,” it is generally not conducive to our discussion and only serves to stir up animosity.

11. Any comments using the phrase “the United States of Amerikkka” or “Amerikkka” will be deleted. It is not very original or entertaining at this point, especially not the 400th time someone has to read it. Ditto for comments trying to “explain” that that there really are differences in the behaviors of races. Ditto for comments complaining about the comments – if you take offense to an assumption in a comment, address the speaker directly and respectfully.

If your comment is deleted, please do not post a comment complaining that someone else just said the exact same thing and they got through. Someone putting together a well reasoned comment about how the legacy of slavery has influenced the perceptions of minorities in America is not the same as saying “white people suck.”

12. Any ridiculously off-topic comments will also be deleted. If we are talking about the sexualized images of the Asian American female, there is no need to bring up the best places to get Chinese food in your area.

And a final reminder – we receive an insane amount of comment spam, sometimes more than two hundred messages in an hour. If your comment is in bounds with the current comment policy, please email team@racialicious.com and we will try to find it.