Meet Carmen, Wendi and Latoya in person!

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Wendi and I met Latoya in real life for the very first time this weekend! Since I never fact-checked her life story, I was relieved to find that Latoya was indeed who she said she was, and not a white woman playing make-believe a la Margaret Seltzer. 😉

The reason we got together was to plan the workshop/panel we’re presenting next weekend in Cambridge, MA at the Women, Action & the Media (WAM!) 2008 conference titled “Can Blogging Help End Racism?”

So if you’re interested in seeing us live, head on over to the WAM! site to register. There will be lots of other very cool bloggers, writers and activists at the conference. And if you’re planning to be there and want to meet up, email us at

I’ll also be on the road later this week, hitting up Virginia and Pennsylvania. If any of you are students at Radford or Swarthmore, I hope you’ll have a chance to sit in on my presentations there.

I’ll be presenting the workshop Not Just Fetishists and Race Traitors: Challenging the Ways We View Interracial Relationships at both schools. Email me at if you’d like details.

  • Thursday, March 20: Radford University in Radford, VA
  • Friday, March 21: Swathmore College in Swarthmore, PA