Color’s in the Works on SATC, the movie

by Racialicious special correspondent Wendi Muse

I love Sex & the City as much as the next woman (well, ok, fine–only when I disregard the classism, sexism, and racism in the show, ahem), but I worried when I saw the extended trailer. Mainly because I will have to use more than one hand to count the female characters of color ever featured on the show:

  • Adopted daughter of Asian descent (Chinese, presumably, considering that Charlotte was hoping for a “Mandarin baby”)
  • Carrie’s personal assistant (why she needs one, I still can’t figure out. Does this woman work…EVER?), played by Jennifer Hudson

I’m glad to see SATC hired these ladies to be in the film, yet part of me wonders whether or not their characters will end up much like the other POC featured in the television series (read: background extras or involved in the four women’s lives for a brief period to satisfy their need for entertainment, only to disappear an episode or two later) . . . Will everyone want a Chinese adopted daughter as much as they wanted Manolos? Will they oversimplify issues involved with transracial adoption? And what about Jennifer Hudson’s character–will she end up being written as a neo-Mammy, or is something more progressive in the works?

Click here to view the new extended official trailer.