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by Racialicious Special Correspondent Latoya Peterson

Carmen, Wendi, and I just got back from WAM!2008 and I think I speak for all of us when I say the conference was amazing.

Some quick highlights:

* I get to Boston and my cab driver is also African-American. He informs me that when he came to Boston in the 1970s, there were not a whole lot of African-Americans living in the city. In 2008, this is still true. Considering the weather conditions which converted my hair into a birds nest, I have an idea why more black women aren’t there. Also, people were jogging in the 35 degree wind and rain like it was nice outside, as I was shivering and miserable. Amazing. Me, Wendi, and Carmen learned the hard way that Boston tends to shut down around 10:00 PM – tough finding a restaurant, even tougher to find alcohol. Oy.

* Wendi and I got lost on Saturday but managed to make it to the conference in time to participate in the caucus and the session hosted by the Radical Women of Color Bloggers, titled We B(e)lo(n)g. Sudy, Black Amazon, Alexis, and Nadia managed to hold a session that was audience driven, cathartic, and informative which was a welcome change of pace from the standard presentation style. We also got to meet BrownFemiPower, Donna from the Silence of Our Friends, Angry Black Bitch, Thea from the Shameless Blog, and Elisa Gahng of the Women of Color Resource Center during the caucus. And there were a lot more people representing in the session, including the Op-Ed Project, the Culture Kitchen, Feministe and Viva La Feminista.

(Note from Carmen: sorry to hijack this post, but I wanted to point everyone to a great story in the Utne Reader about feminist blogs – and it includes many of theĀ  WOC bloggers mentioned here. Congrats, y’all!) Read the Post WAM!2008 Post Conference Wrap-Up

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March 31, 2008 / / Uncategorized

by Guest Contributor Tara, originally published at Bias Cut

I think the Universe has been testing me lately.

Over the last several months, I’ve been confronted with some pretty blatantly racist statements about Asian folks, and each moment has been pretty intense in a lot of ways.

While I was in Puerto Rico, my friends and I were at a restaurant, and started passing around our old college IDs to giggle at. Mine is a picture of me as a babydyke with short and spiky hair. The waiter (a young white guy) came over and and asked if we were passing around our fake IDs (which was funny, because all of us ranged in age from 25 to 37). I said that we were passing around our college IDs, and I suppose in an attempt to be friendly, he asked to see them. I passed mine over and he said something that I didn’t quite catch because it was noisy.

A little bit later during the dinner, I said to Anna, “I can’t believe our waiter thought we were under 21!” Anna said, “Um, I can’t believe the Asian comment that he made!” I asked her what he said, and she told me that when I had handed him my ID, he said, “Did you steal your ID from some Asian kid?”

Horrifyingly, the waiter heard us and came back over to the table. “Yeah, I asked her if she stole her ID from some Asian kid.” Anna asked, “Does that mean that you don’t think she looks Asian?” He answered no. “Well, I am,” I snapped at him. He then continued to stick his foot further in his mouth and explain that the ID did, in fact, look like something I stole. Read the Post In the Moment: Racism and Our Reactions

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