Open thread: Lost (spoilery if you’re not caught up)

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

It’s been awhile since I perved out publicly on Racialicious over my faaaaaaavorite show, Lost. :)

But how awesome was last night’s episode? I’ve always thought the Desmond/Penny backstory was one of the most compelling ones, and it was so moving to finally see them reconnect. And anytime Desmond does his time travel (or not?) thing, I love it.

So readers of Racialicious, what are your theories about some of these big dangling questions?

  • Who is Ben’s “man on the boat?”
  • Who’s in that coffin? (in last season’s finale episode)
  • Why does Kate have Claire’s son Aaron?
  • Besides Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley, who are the other members of the Oceanic Six?
  • Why is Sayid working for Ben?
  • Is the plane at the bottom of the ocean a hoax?
  • What are the freighter people up to?
  • What’s causing the time lag between the island and the outside world?
  • Will we see Michael and Walt again?
  • Where did the rest of The Others go? It’s not that big of an island!

But perhaps the most important question:

  • When will Daniel Dae Kim take off his shirt again? 😉

Oh and for those of you who enjoy the mythology aspect of the show, check out this awesome “Evil Twin” theory, which could explain that photo of Ben in the airport. There are also some more cool theories here.