Political Round Up – Links – 2/12/08

by Racialicious Special Correspondent Latoya Peterson

Alternet – Hillary Clinton’s Superdelegate “Firewall”

Al Gore’s 2000 campaign manager and superdelegate Donna Brazile describes the essence of this elitist practice. “One person, one vote? Forget about it. Some votes are worth more than others. You have to know the rules.”


Tom Foreman of CNN.com provides a super brief history of the superdelegate. “A few decades ago, Democratic leaders felt that sometimes, Democratic voters were choosing poor presidential candidates: campaigners who couldn’t win elections, or even if they could, they didn’t please Democratic kingmakers.”

“Jimmy Carter, for example, was an obscure candidate who developed so much popular appeal that he essentially forced Democratic Party leaders to accept him as the nominee, even though not everyone was thrilled by it.”

“They made the superdelegates: a super class of super Democrats, each of whom could vote at the convention for a candidate of choice — in effect, giving each of these Democrats the power of tens of thousands of average citizens.”

Feministing – Hillary Sexism Watch (Axe Edition)

Good link list of the bullshit that Hillary is going through. Check the past editions:

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Jack and Jill Politics – John. He. Is.

Oh snap. Good Luck with that in November, indeed.

Reappropriate – The “Ghetto”-ization of Obama

However, since Obama’s win in South Carolina, a state where approximately 25% of voters are Black, the Clinton campaign has worked tirelessly to “ghetto”-ize Obama. Capitalizing on the voting public’s notoriously short memory, Clinton’s campaign has painted a picture of Obama wherein he is winning the Black vote by being the “Black” candidate, in hopes that this will marginalize him (by virtue of his Blackness) away from the “average American”. Clinton ignores the struggle Obama had in trying to win over Black voters while manitaining a “post-racial” message, instead implying through her (and her surrogates’) words that Black voters are colourstruck, and by extension, we — the non-Black population — should be colourstruck, too, by gravitating towards her (White-normative) “post-racial” candidacy.

Too Sense – They Don’t Even Think You Have to Count the Votes

I need to stop being so amused at the Republicans, but this one brought a smile to my face. Fuck the Superdelegates – we’ll just stop counting. Brilliant! Honing those 2000/2004 skills I see…

The state GOP stopped counting the votes after McCain pulled ahead of Huckabee slightly, and called the caucus for him. But no one knows if McCain actually won because the state GOP is refusing to count all the votes.

This is what the alternative looks like. A party that thinks you stop counting the vote as soon as your preferred candidate is ahead by a slim margin. It’s like a bad joke about the Soviet Union.

TPM Cafe – Will John McCain apologize to Hillary Clinton — and all American women?

Folks, this election has provided us with an important and much-needed teaching moment. Can American politicians, pundits, journalists and political analysts learn to speak respectfully about female candidates and their daughters or will they end up vilifying women and alienating some huge portion of America’s population? Misogyny is out of control in this campaign and perhaps the only silver lining is that many American will see how socially acceptable it still is to speak about women in hateful, contemptuous ways.

NPR – Election 2008: Brazile: I’ll Quit DNC Position Over Delegates

Great audio. Take a listen.

Salon – Hillary Clinton, First Latina in Chief?

(Thanks G.D.)

For the moment, Hillary Clinton’s advantage is that she promises mothers and wives universal healthcare and improved educational opportunities. What she shrewdly sees is that Hispanics are more than an ethnicity, they are also a gender.

Alisa Rodriguez Valdez – People Not Voting For You? Fire the Latina.

(Hillary Clinton pins the blame for her recent losses on – cute as a brand-new button! – Latina political powerhouse Patti Solis Doyle, instead of on the Wal-Mart board, where it and Hillary both belong.)

NY Times – Seeking Unity, Obama Feels Pull of Racial Divide

By mid-January, Mr. Obama had so much support among black voters in South Carolina that he worried that his rivals would try to marginalize his campaign as a black-only phenomenon — a concern that later proved well-founded when former President Bill Clinton compared Mr. Obama’s campaign to Mr. Jackson’s. So before arriving in the state, Mr. Obama stopped in Atlanta to mark Martin Luther King’s Birthday.

Georgia, like South Carolina, was expected to deliver large numbers of black votes to Mr. Obama. But it was also a place where his viability as a candidate would be measured by his ability to win a respectable number of white votes.

Standing before a congregation filled with veterans of the civil rights movement, Mr. Obama talked about the struggles of a poor white woman, whose family had no health insurance and often had to choose between buying food and medicine.

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