Who says Latinos and Asians hate blacks?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Sick of the race war hysteria in mainstream media? Yeah me too.

Check out this 3-way IM conversation I had with Lauren from Stereohyped and Maegan from VivirLatino, breaking down race and the presidential election, and that pesky question of just why Asian-Americans and Latinos voted for Clinton, not Obama.

Here’s a tidbit, but head on over to Stereohyped to read the whole thing:

Lauren: i know…finding all the black women in the salon or outside of church
Carmen: I didn’t know you all hung out outside those venues Lauren
Lauren: I know..the only place a reporter could find me is on my couch behind my laptop.
Carmen: LOL
Lauren: But i guess I’m not the sort of black woman they’re looking for
Maegan: I’m at the corner bodega….they got wireless now!!! But back to the point about the whole Latinos afraid of black Barack, they totally miss a whole chunk of Latinos that are black!!!
Carmen: Um, yeah
Maegan: Which is a pretty fucking huge chunk
Carmen: Latino and black are not mutually exclusive…