Friday Links – Procrastinate Until It’s Time to Go Home

* Jenn from Reappropriate posts the 2007 State of Asian Americana.

* ZOMG! A sci-fi series where brown people didn’t die in the great plague! (Women still look like decorative sex objects though, sigh.) Angry Asian Man has the scoop on Resistance.

*As we found out yesterday, Iowa had a crush on Obama. A whole lot of opinion follows.

Couple notes on this one:

1. Why is Obama’s victory seen as a win for Edwards because he got to best Clinton? Would that be the case if some of these roles were reversed?
2. Why are there still people commenting “Well, it’s just a caucus, no one will actually VOTE for him?”
3. More forecasting that things are about to get dirty.
4. For people who like to pretend America has moved beyond race, a whole lot of white pundits are having fun commenting on the race factor. “Iowa is 2% black!” Duh, we know.
5. Aww, are people sad now? It’s just one caucus y’all. Should we be glad that we have multiple candidates that people are excited about, rather than a bunch of default picks? Shouldn’t we be happy that all the candidates are trying to push through some kind of change? Can we smile in the face of history being made? Can we rejoice in the fact that PEOPLE ACTUALLY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THIS COMING ELECTION? Okay, maybe that’s too much to ask. Lick your wounds then, see you in a week.
6. And of course, Britney Spears is the second leading story. That killed my caucus buzz! “Historic day in Iowa…now, in other news, Britney Spears was rushed to the hospital…”