Another “among the natives” Vogue editorial

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Remember how we discussed fashion magazines’ propensity for editorials in which they “contrast” a white model against the “natives” of a country?

Well Vogue just did it again, in their Russian edition. Only instead of Masai warriors, the model is surrounded by anonymous gawking Asians. (Thanks to Marge for the tip!)

You can check out more pics at Bryanboy, who had this to say:

You know how like twice or thrice a year, British/American Vogue or what have you, go on a wild expedition somewhere in Africa and take pictures of a white person in haute couture and million-dollar jewels whilst being surrounded by tribe people in their beads, spears and primitiveness? Well, take out the beads and replace them with fake fur, take out the spears and replace them with digital cameras and shove typical Asian consumerism in the picture and what do you get???