Jezebel: Asian women are hot, smart, thin and tell you your skin is bad

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Today’s WTF moment.

Moe from Jezebel — who calls herself “practically Asian,” whatever that means — helpfully breaks down why men are so attracted to Asian women:

there are a few reasons some dudes prefer Asian women, and it starts with the fact that they are very rarely unattractive, and they are even more rarely stupid, and they are even more rarely than that fat. They have really nice skin and they’re not afraid to tell you yours looks bad.

No, no essentialist bullshit going on there.

Update: Wow the comments are really worth a read. Check out this one from JNOV:

I was out drinking with several guys, and here’s how they explained the attraction to me: Asian women have no body odor whatsoever, and cunnilingus is esp nice because they have no body odor. And I was like, “You think pussy smells bad? Good luck finding some.”

I have no idea if their claim is true or not. They may have been messing with me; I have a rep for being gullible.

Yes sweetie, it’s true. Asian pussies don’t smell. They also have a horizontal slit instead of vertical. If there are any other asinine racial myths you need me to confirm, just email me.