Black women support Hillary Clinton because their men cheat too?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

I’m glad the bad-ass ladies at What About Our Daughters? are speaking out about this. I watched this segment on CNN early this morning too but was not quite awake enough to trust my reaction to the piece. Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking, WTF?

This Week’s Wagging Finger of Shame Award Goes to Essence magazine editor Tatsha Robertson for being a complete and total embarrassment to Black women everywhere for saying this foolishness on CNN:

“Even though she’s Hillary Clinton, they [Black women] see themselves, you know, within her, dealing with the family issues, the infidelity issues.”

According to CNN’s Chris Lawrence Robertson says Clinton’s ultimate embarrassment is her greatest asset. Robertson went on to say:

“She decided, you know, whether she wanted to stay or not, and I really think, you know, people respect that about Hillary Clinton, especially black women. “

Really? Is that why black women like Hillary? Because their men are cheating on them too, so they identify with Hillary’s marriage problems? As opposed to say, her accomplishments or views or positions or personality?

Check out the transcript here.

Writer’s strike video relies on tired old stereotypes

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

As many of you have probably heard, the Writers Guild of America has been on strike. As part of their campaign, they have put together a series of online videos feature A-list actors. Check out this one, starring Holly Hunter.

I’m left scratching my head, wondering what the heck this issue has to do with outsourcing to India? And why exactly does the writers guild need to mock one profession to make a case for fair compensation of their own work? (Thanks to Angie for the tip!)

Ebony magazine takes on Africa

by guest contributor Harry Allen, Hip-Hop Activist & Media Assassin

This is almost too easy, but if you’ve not yet picked up or flipped through December 2007’s self-proclaimed “special collector’s edition” of EBONY, get a gander at:

– Michael Jackson on the cover…and way too much inside (“25 Years After Thriller“), glowing, translucently; with an almost inner light.

– “The Africa You Don’t Know”: An ehh-not-the-worst-given-it’s-EBONY section on the continent. (Even if you don’t buy the issue, check p. 115 for Nigerian journalist Gbemisola Olujobi’s pull-quote about “disaster pornography”; probably the sharpest 42 words you’ll read about the continent this winter.)

– An interview with Bill Clinton about Africa, continuing mainstream Black media’s despicable tradition of speaking to important government leaders through mouths full of puffery. ESSENCE interviews Condoleezza Rice, but doesn’t ask her why she was buying BDSM boots while New Orleansers were floating face down in rancid water, or EBONY talking to Clinton about the continent, but not a single question about Darfur, not to mention Rwanda. (They did get in two questions about “the American Dream,” however. What????)

In fact, Clinton raises the genocide in Rwanda. He doesn’t discuss it, though, or his role in it. He just says, “Take Rwanda, devastated by the 1994 genocide,” the lets fly a paragraph’s worth of “but now”-type banter, plus violas: “Now look at what they’re doing. They’re growing rapidly; they have all kinds of partners, including [Microsoft’s] Bill Gates and me. They’ve opened themselves to the world. They’ve even developed a film industry, for goodness sakes.” Yes; that’s what they needed 13 years ago to stop crudely stamped, Chinese-made machetes: software partnerships and film.

– A story of interracial love as only EBONY can tell it: Janet Langhart and Bill Cohen (Clinton’s defense secretary), with an opening, “our love is alive” photo portrait (p. 158) so fake it’ll make you swear off interracial romance.

Wow. I guess EBONY is still good for something.

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Mandingo party on Nip/Tuck

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Did anyone catch Nip/Tuck this week?

I was amused to find that the episode included a faithful reproduction of the “Mandingo party” that was the topic of a much-discussed Details magazine article in April 2007. I swear, they even recreated this exact photo, with two actors who looked exactly like this black man and white woman, and made it a point to show one scene where some revelers get it on in a kid’s room.

The episode even included a cameo by the ultimate Mandingo, Mr. Lexington Steele himself!

Was the episode racially problematic? Well yeah. But for some reason I just can’t take it that seriously – especially since that original article was such a joke. And the show totally played it for laughs.

Also, I was too busy cracking up at the fact that the head Mandingo was played by Boris Kodjoe, who just happens to be the celebrity crush of a certain former New Demographic co-director! *cough*jenchau*cough*

Addicted to Race announcement: Going on hiatus

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

addicted to raceAddicted to Race is New Demographic’s weekly podcast about America’s obsession with race.

This is not so much a new episode as a special announcement that Addicted to Race is going on hiatus for awhile. We’ve been “on the air” pretty much continuously for about two and a half years.

Don’t worry, this is not the end of the show! I definitely plan on coming back to it next year with some new ideas for the format, including some experimentations with video, but taking a hiatus will really help me get some other time-sensitive New Demographic projects off the ground. Then I can come back to the podcast with a clear mind and implement some new ideas.

Thanks everyone for all your support, and I look forward to rejoining you again soon!

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And then we get things like Blatino porn

by guest contributor Luke Lee

Ugh. Who would’ve thought that a conversation about pheromones and guys from Eastern Europe would’ve led to talking about Mendel, evolutionary biology in terms of “interracial mixing” and accountants dating accountants. Such was the case on Episode 57 of Dan Savage’s Savage Love Podcast (“Lovecast” as it is officially called).

Dan Savage, a syndicated sex-advice columnist who I’ve always been a big fan of had The Stranger’s (a local Seattle newspaper) resident science expert Jonathan Golob on the podcast to answer the various listener questions that came up. As one person inquired about the legitimacy of pheromones and whether he (the listener) had a weakness to the pheromones for men from a certain country from Eastern Europe, the conversation somehow stumbled to:

[13:03-16-12] Dan: We know that mutts are healthier than purebred dogs, right

Jonathan: Oh yea, for sure

Dan: So genetic mixing, [lowers voice] race mixing…is actually good and healthy for human populations and human society.

Jonathan: Oh for sure. I mean The more mixed you are…the bigger the difference genetically between…you and…your parents…You just tend to do better. I mean everyone has two copies of the same genes, blah blah blah…

Dan: That’s why those Euroasian guys are so fucking hot.

Jonathan: Exactly, and so it’s F1…F1’s the key. It gets the biggest pea plants with the best peas..this is Mendel going back to…

Dan: OK, so I have a question about that…because we know that to be true…that dog mutts are healthier from dog mutts to human mutts. Is there something in us that compels us to…you meet people that are attracted to their ethnic or racial polar opposites. And some people think that’s all formed in a welter of racism. That it’s an objectification…you know a White guy only into black girls. You know, uh an Asian guy whose only into white women. You hear that this is ohh racism expressing itself. Is there some sort of like genetic compulsion there? Where there’s some people who there for the health of the greater population seek out the radically different…racially, genetically?

Jonathan: I think there is. It’s a really hard thing to test. Cause it’s hard to separate the genetic from the cultural and the race and all this stuff. And you tend to date the people you tend to see…

They then start talking about interracial dating preferences and some studies which Jonathan makes some references to which he says that women are basically more race-specific when it comes to choosing potential partners whereas men “will fuck anything.” Towards the end they start talking more in general biology terms with the whole hybrid vigor “race mixing is good for the planet” suggestion led by Dan and backed up by Jonathan. So prepare for eyeballs to be rolled, the three minutes of “race mixing talk”, very much unlike Dan’s usual podcasts and columns, are all over the place.

Check out his podcast here.

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