Meet the contributors who will recap Prison Break for us

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

I’m excited to announce that Masheka Wood and Tecumpla Weefur will be taking turns recapping Prison Break for us starting this week! Here’s a little bit about them, and their thoughts on the show.

Intro from Masheka Wood

My name is Masheka Wood and I’ll be recapping Prison Break—impossible plot twists, heads-in-boxes and all.

Prison Break is one of my favorite hour-long dramas, but I honestly didn’t expect the premise to last past the first season when, as the name implies, they broke out of prison. But here we are in season three, and they’ve somehow managed to bring the magic back by getting themselves locked up again, this time in Latin America.

I’m consistently drawn in, week after week, by the show’s nail-biting cliffhangers, Rube Goldbergian escape mechanics, and government conspiracy backdrop.

Since our favorite convicts are in a Panamanian penitentiary-from-Hell this season, I hope that the show will have more complex Latino characters (like Sofia and Sucre) on the breakout team. Black and Latino guys make up a disproportionate segment of the American prison population, but the show has relatively few main characters of color. Our two heroes breaking in and out of jail are white (though it should be noted that one of them, lead actor Wentworth Miller, is biracial).

Oh, and did I mention that one of the most popular characters on the show is a white supremacist pedophile?

When I’m not watching entirely too much television (I luv you, digital video recorder!) I can be found in New York, freelancing as a social-political cartoonist and illustrator by night and working for The Man by day.

Intro from Tecumpla Weefur

Good Day, Racialicious community! My name is Tecumpla Weefur (or Tecup for short), and I’m an African American female who enjoys writing, blog-fights, collecting t-shirts from random 5K races, and film.

I wish I could say that my embrace of Prison Break derived from a love of serial prison dramas, but alas no, it was Wentworth, beautiful Wentworth Miller (who plays the lead character Michael Scofield) that drew me to the television set. In fact, it’s my love of Wentworth that has allowed me to overlook the rampant racial and cultural stereotyping involving aggressive blacks , dimwitted Latinos, and backwoods, inbred Southerners in the first two seasons.

Now, you should know that our love affair began when I saw Miller play young Coleman Silk, in the film adaptation of Philip Roth’s The Human Stain. See, Miramax tried to bill that movie as a Nicole Kidman/ Anthony Hopkins vehicle, but that didn’t stop me from repeatedly viewing the love scenes of Wentworth and I, uh, I mean, Jacinda Barrett.

And see, I know it’s love because Prison Break tries your patience with it’s teasing, misleading, overly hyped promos, insinuating that “This is night they break out of jail,” only to find out that they suggested the very same thing last week and the week before that, until you look up and realize that almost a year has gone by, and they still haven’t escaped, not to mention that at times the script seems packed with filler that exists for no apparent reason other than for the sake of keeping the story going like it’s a sequel of Saw (what are we on now, Saw 4, Saw 5?).

Well, we’re now on season three of Prison Break, and Michael is back behind bars, this time in Panama, at one of those prisons that Amnesty International would start a letter writing campaign over. Though the show has gone on location, it hasn’t left the stereotypes back home in the States, but this time I will not overlook them. I will blog about them, while carrying my torch for beautiful Wentworth and keep the faith that he and I, uh, I mean, his love interest Sara will be together again.

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