Please take 30 seconds to Digg 10 Questions

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

As I mentioned earlier this week, Racialicious is one of the sponsors for a new social media initiative called 10 Questions, that allows anyone to pose their question to the presidential candidates.

Could you please help spread the word by Digging the post below?

10 Questions for the Candidates from You

All you have to do is click “digg it” under the yellow box. (But you’ll need to register first.) For those of you unfamiliar with Digg, here’s a quick primer.

And of course, submit your video already! :) Post your question on YouTube, MySpace Yahoo Video, or Make sure to tag it “10questions” so we can find it. In addition, be sure to give it a descriptive title and any other tags you want.

Please shoot me an email if you’ve posted a video, so that we can feature your wonderful self on Racialicious. :)