Celeb round-up: Paris, Oscar and Adrienne

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

As is probably evident by the sparser-than-usual postings, I’ve been a bit behind this week with my blog/news reading. But I wanted to just note a few racialicious celebrity news items from this week.

1. Paris Hilton, like, totally cares about Rwanda

paris hilton goes to rwandaShe’s going over there in November, she told E! Online because “There’s so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help.”

As Lauren over at Stereohyped said, let’s hope she realizes Don Cheadle won’t be there. That was just a movie, Paris.

2. Oscar de la Hoya likes fishnets

oscar de la hoya fishnetsSome photos have turned up of Oscar de la Hoya wearing fishnet stockings. The jury is out on whether the photos are real or not (to me the head looks very photoshopped on, but I’m not an expert).

Let’s assume for a minute that they are real. So what? There are definitely some interesting gender assumptions at play in the reactions. As far as I know, it’s not uncommon for men to have fetishes for wearing women’s underwear, or for engaging in cross-dressing of some kind. It doesn’t mean they’re gay, or trans, or anything, really.

Back when I actually had a social life, I went to Lot 61 once (um yeah that’s how long it’s been) and saw a man there wearing a red crushed velvet spaghetti-strap dress, with black sheer stockings and heels, and a cute chain-link purse. But other than the women’s clothing, there was nothing to set him apart from other dudes. Full-on beard, no make-up, hairy arms and chest, bad posture, sat with his legs open. I guess he just enjoyed wearing women’s clothing once in awhile.

3. Adrienne Curry hates Black History month

adrienne curry on black history monthAdrienne Curry was the winner of the very first season of America’s Next Top Model, and has since done the VH1 reality circuit. On her MySpace blog she pulled the whole “why should there be a BET when there’s not WET, that’s racist” crap, but with Black History Month.

Among the many stupid things she said: “Yes, I get it. Black people were slaves here once. You know what? That does suck some major balls, however, it is time to move the f*ck on.”

Got it, Racialicious readers descended from the African diaspora? It’s time to move the f*ck on.

(Thanks to all of you who wrote in about this! I haven’t gotten so many emails about one story since Michael Richards! And yes, the paragaph above was sarcastic.)